Timeless Escape: Grove Park Inn, Asheville

When I added Grove Park Inn to my 2013 bucket list, I had no idea the extent of relaxation Grove Park Innand resort luxury I was going to experience or how much I truly needed it. Just a two hour drive from our home in Charlotte brought us to another world; a world filled with spacious accommodations, superb dining, unbelievable views, and endless amenities.  We marveled at the spectacular view during our breakfast experience, escaped to a world-class spa, and stepped into a world of glamour inspired by the great American author F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Gatsby theme room. Grove Park Inn was the relaxing weekend away from it all that we desperately needed. Rather than posting, texting, Tweeting, and sharing on Facebook, I turned off my phone, put away the computer, and forgot the camera… most of the time. It was a weekend for us as a family – the perfect relaxing, mountain getaway. Sometimes even extreme adventure seekers need a rest. Continue reading

Ultimate Bucket List Getaway at Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina

Each year I create a bucket list that is totally unrealistic and appears to be completely unbelievable. Yet every year, I figure out how to make it happen. I recently heard about a Valentine’s Day package that is so over-the-top that it could make up a year of bucket list adventures, travel, and romance in five days. It’s called Spoil Me Rotten at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina.

Grove Park Inn

Would you like to indulge in a $25,000 package including French Champagne, Land Rover and Rolls Royce rides, the Presidential Suite, spa treatments, private cooking class, and more? How crazy is that? Continue reading

Proximity Hotel LEEDS to Success

Proximity Hotel, GreensboroProximity Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina was the first LEED Platinum Hotel in USA. LEED is the U.S. Green Building Council’s rating system for designing and constructing the world’s greenest, most energy efficient, and high performing buildings. This weekend we were able to experience what it means to be in the LEED. Continue reading

Old Edwards Inn -Bringing Europe to North Carolina

Rather than traveling to Europe for the weekend, we brought European style and comfort Old Edwards Inn - Around the Innto us. Situated at 4,118 feet, Old Edwards Inn sits in the Western North Carolina Mountains with its welcoming ambiance of relaxed luxury. Consistently voted a top travel destination, this meandering mountain hotel graces the rolling hills in the charming town of Highlands, NC. The town offers breathtaking vistas and waterfalls in abundance, while the hotel provides accommodations ranging from spacious guestrooms to spa suites, and cottage lodging, a world-class spa, locally-inspired cuisine, and a top-notch fitness center. It’s an ideal location for weddings, corporate events, and family and romantic getaways. Continue reading

Journey to Bliss – Old Edwards Inn & Spa

I’ve never been to a spa before and quite frankly I couldn’t begin to imagine what was the Old Edwards Inn & Spa big deal. The thought of someone, other than my husband, rhythmically massaging my body while I listened to calming music seemed… off; especially if it was a man… no especially if it was a woman.  How about replenishing my skin with an anti-oxidant detoxifying mud masque? Ummm… no thanks! I played in the mud enough as a child. Maybe a manicure or pedicure was more up my alley. No, wait! Why bother polish or buff my nails when I can’t even type with them long and I’m happy cutting them myself. It just didn’t seem like my thing. Heck, I don’t even go to a hair salon more than once or twice ever 5 or so years. But after hearing about the journey to bliss that is a “spa day”, I thought I had to finally debunk my ideas about spas and give one a try for myself; and what better place to do that than Old Edwards Inn & Spa? They are known for their signature spa experiences and they have a full spectrum of wellness, rejuvenation, and natural beauty enhancement. I was sure there had to be one experience that would change my negative tone about spas.  Continue reading

North Carolina Bucket List – Let the Adventures Begin

We’ve decided to purchase a house in Charlotte, North Carolina and make it our home. With the help of my readers, I’ve created a North Carolina Bucket List. Unlike my yearly bucket list, I didn’t put a time frame on completing this adventures, but if you know me at all, I’ll most likely complete the list within the year anyway. Once I get an idea in my mind, there’s no stopping me! I figure out how to make it happen, and I go for it. I will create a post and add a link each time I complete one of the items.

If there’s something you think I really should add, I’m still open to suggestions and I will adjust the list if needed.  Continue reading

A Million Dollar View – The Omni Charlotte Hotel

Most four and five diamond hotels offer more luxuries than you could possibly use during one stay. Who uses a phone in the bathroom anyway? And I don’t even know the difference between Egyptian cotton, satin, or silk sheets. There are some luxuries, though, that make me say, “wow” when I walk into a hotel and a hotel room. The Omni Charlotte Hotel envelopes you in comfort with a touch of genuine North Carolina hospitality and a million dollar view. Centrally located in the heart of Charlotte’s financial district, The Omni Charlotte Hotel offers over 300 degree views from the corner suites. I was able to unwind in the Signature Lounge and delight in a dish prepared at Trade Restaurant & Bar. Offering an ideal location, inviting atmosphere, and attentive service, The Omni stood out as a quality hotel with luxuries worth sharing with others. Continue reading