The Galapagos with Celebrity Cruises

Boobies in the Galapagos IslandsThe Galapagos Islands are a majestic place filled with new, unique life that can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world. Traveling to the Galapagos is a major bucket list adventure so choosing how you’re going to get there is almost as important as the destination itself. You don’t want to waste a single moment worrying about logistics or details, which is why I’d suggest Celebrity Xpedition for your Galapagos journey. Their Galapagos adventures are all-inclusive, worry-free, and well-planned right down to the last detail. On Celebrity Xpedition, you can immerse yourself in landscape, catch rare bird sightings, hang out with 100-year-old giants, and search for dragons all while being certain you’re going to receive the finest quality and service. There are plenty of reasons to choose Celebrity Xpedition for your Galapagos trip, but these are our top five. Continue reading

The End of the World – Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia Downtown View

After more than 24 hours of flying and airports, I arrived in Ushuaia, Argentina. I’m here for one more day then I step onto Bark Europa & into a whole new world. Rather than wasting any time, even though I’m exhausted both physically and mentally, I decided to trek to Martial Glacier, explore downtown, and hike to the top of Ushuaia to get a full view of the city. My day was full, but it was totally worth it.  Continue reading

The Galapagos: Nature at its Most Raw and Beautiful

Featured Writer: Benjamin Weber

Last February, my wife and I went to the Galapagos Islands – incredibly beautiful islands off the coast of Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago on which have evolved a fantastic range of different species of marine, avian and land animals independently from the mainland of South America – species which you can find in no other place on Earth. The journey was something of dream for me because of the whole history of the islands, particularly with Darwin’s theory of evolution clicking into place after his studies of the wildlife on the islands. The journey itself was so much more incredible than my dreams even allowed me to imagine.

It certainly is not the easiest of places to get to – even coming from São Paulo in Brazil, where one might think it is close: a sleep over in Lima… then a night in Quito before getting an early flight to the islands. Quite tiring if you can’t spend longer in these cities. However, it was well and truly worth it. Continue reading

The Salar de Uyuni and the Cordillera De Chichas – South West Bolivia

 Featured Writer – Sue Llewellyn

If ever there was a place where one could imagine being on a different planet, it has to be the in the surreal high altitude landscapes of Southwest Bolivia and the spectacular blinding white salt plains of Uyuni.

 Continue Reading…

Hike, Ride a Horse, Kayak: How I Found My Zen in Torres del Paine

Feature Writer: Giulia Billi

Ah, Patagonia! Such a vast, enchanted, tough land…..Frontier land, land of pioneers, an empty wilderness where to project one’s fantasy and dreams. I certainly did, as Patagonia was one of the key destinations that made me decide to travel in Latin America.

Patagonia is a large region spanning between Southern Chile and Argentina. The landscape varies, going from South to North and from Chileto Argentina, where lakes, mountains, rivers are declined in different ways: from the barren and wind-swept plains in the south, to the sweeter and greener landscape around Trevelin and Esquel, to the Alpine-looking areas around el Bolson and in Chile. Continue reading

Peru with a Purpose

Peru with a Purpose
Featured Writer: Cheryl 

In February, 2010 a group of fellow post-grad classmates and I decided to spend our Spring Break doing something a little less cliché than Miami Beach and wet t-shirt contests; so we flew over 3,800 miles south to Peru to embark on a South American adventure. Not only did I have the burning desire to see Machu Picchu up close and personal, but this trip would provide the ultimate privilege of working with a small community that had been devastated by an earthquake three years prior. Continue reading