Becoming Iron Woman with St. Thomas Flyboarding

Flyboarding St. Thomas, USVI

I seek adventures that scare me. Living life on the other side of my fears is the greatest reward possible. While in St. Thomas, USVI, I had the opportunity to try flyboarding over the pristine waters of Lindbergh Bay with St. Thomas Flyboarding. I was scared; heck, I was petrified. Flying 30 feet above the crystal blue waters, diving like a dolphin, or even trying a backflip or two all sound intimidating enough but strapping a water jetpack board to my feet while doing it is just plan insane. I’m not Ironman; these are things in movies and dreams about the future, right? Nope! It’s the here and now and I did it; and let me tell you – it is absolutely exhilarating, insane, and beyond awesome! My whole life I’ve actually been training to be Iron Woman without realizing it and St. Thomas Flyboarding let me put my skills into action. Continue reading

What’s Your Biggest Fear?

Sea Trek Walking with Sharks

What’s your biggest fear; something so paralyzing that it gives you shivers just thinking about it? Just two years ago, I was so desperately afraid of marine life that the sight of a minnow sent me in the opposite direction. I loved to swim and I spent my entire life in the water, but I could never even think about what lurked below. I was curious but too afraid. Today was a monuments day for attacking my fears head-on. I walked with 22 sharks, 20 feet under water with Sea Trek at Atlantis, Bahamas and a state-of-the-art clear-glass helmet and I will never look at my fears the same way again.  Continue reading

5 Amazing Underwater Encounters

beluga whales

Every time I have an underwater encounter, it’s a magical experience. It’s essentially diving into a different world filled with incredible sights and animals. I’m scared; no that’s an understatement. I’m petrified. I know so little about the dangers and beauties of the ocean. Although it has always been a huge part of my life, I fear what could kill me, bite me, or I guess even swim near me. Not all fears are rational, but that doesn’t make them go away. It’s this feeling of uncertainty and discovery that draws me back time and time again to the ocean. Over the last two years, I’ve had five remarkable underwater encounters including swimming with schools of fish, dolphins, beluga whales, whale sharks, and manta rays. Each encounter was uniquely amazing and life-changing. Each encounter has given me a new perspective and encouragement to continue learning about the magical world underwater. Continue reading

Deluxe Morning Snorkel & Dive Cruise

Hula Kai Adventures

Covered seating, a full breakfast, two spectacular snorkel sites including the Captain Cook Monument site, snorkel gear, dive, SNUBA, paddleboard, and sea rocket options, a full BBQ lunch, and spectacular shoreline scenery are all included in the Deluxe Morning Snorkel & Dive Cruise with Hula Kai Adventures. We couldn’t have had a more all-inclusive experience.  Continue reading

Snorkeling with the Ballerinas of the Ocean


I prepared to jump from the Hula Kai Adventures boat into the endless abyss. I had no idea what to expect below. Resting stations were set up only feet from the boat, but in the dark of night on the Pacific Ocean I could feel my pulse quicken. Before I even stepped off the boat, I could see the gigantic shadows  gliding through the water. I was about to snorkel with enormous manta rays in Hawaii. Even now as I type it, it doesn’t sound real. There are some opportunities in life that everyone should experience and snorkeling with manta rays is one of them. Continue reading

A Front Row Seat to Whale Watching

Yesterday, Darren and I had a front row experience with pilot whales thanks to Captain Zodiac. Kona Hawaii’s most experienced rafting company, Captain Zodiac Raft Expeditions was established in 1974. Our captain, Colin, took us on an intimate journey to Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii’s finest marine preserve and the site of Captain Cook’s Monument, but it was the journey that ended up being the best destination.

Before we even arrived at the snorkeling site, we found a pod of pilot whales enjoying the Hawaiian sun. Rather than just taking photos, Darren and I captured them on video.

Surrounded by whales larger than our 24 foot zodiac, I felt a new appreciation for life below. It doesn’t get much more natural or beautiful than our Captain Zodiac experience.

Nailed It… Darren’s Turn On the Slide

Darren didn’t go down the slide quite as quickly as I did, but speed it up and add the Benny Hill Theme Song and you have something worth viewing. It’s a good laugh if nothing else. We’re obviously having the time of our lives at Hard Rock Vallarta.

Who do you think rocked it better?

Rockin the Water Slide

After a little bit of encouragement from my husband this evening, I’ve decided to share my Hard Rock Vallarata water slide video. There is nothing graceful or reserved about it, but my enjoyment of the hotel and all of its amenities is obvious.

Watch it tonight because I may have one of those, “What was I thinking” moments tomorrow and take it down. As for now, I’m having the time of my life with my family. Enjoy!

Music credit: Twist and Shout – The Beatles

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Sail Me Away – Windsurfing in Aruba

Out of all of my Aruba adventures including dancing through the streets at CarubbianWindsurfing, Aruba Festival, exploring the wilds of the northern shore on an ATV tour, snorkeling and Snuba, beach tennis, and windsurfing and SUP, I loved windsurfing the most. With the perfect combination of instruction, wind strength, and water conditions, Aruba was the ultimate place to practice windsurfing. Continue reading

Does It Count if You Try? Missing a Bucket List Item

Bucket list item number 14: Try Snuba – Snuba is a form of diving that is a mix between snorkeling and scuba diving. A diving regulator is used but instead of air coming from tanks strapped to the diver’s back, it comes through a long hose from tanks on pontoon rafts on the surface.

Every year, I create a bucket list of activities that I’d like to experience. I put a lot of thought Snuba, Arubainto which items should make the list and if it’s humanly possible to accomplish every item in one year. Readers, friends, and family often think that I’m completely unrealistic about my goals, but I believe the more unrealistic I am with my dreams and goals the more I’m able to achieve.  This year’s list included 50 items and I’m more than half way through. I was truly starting to believe that I’d successfully complete every item on the list; I didn’t consider the fact that I could chicken out of an activity but today it happened. I’m in one of the most beautiful countries I’ve visited in my life, I’ve crossed two items off of the list since arriving two days ago, and I’m starting to think Aruba is my new favorite country, but during our adventure today I felt totally defeated and one bucket list item is not going to see the check mark of success this year. Continue reading