Sensory Overload with GASS Racing

*We at Bucket List Publications are overjoyed when we can make bucket list dreams come true for our readers. It filled my heart with happiness and excitement when I personally contacted one reader, Ian, and told him his bucket list dream of driving a race car was going to come true. After making arrangements with Paul at GASS Racing School, he was going to feel the G-force at Iowa speedway behind the steering wheel of an actual race car. Although we can’t make every dream come true or respond to all bucket list requests,  we try to select one at least once a month and make it happen for our readers. Maybe you could be the next bucket list recipient; you can be fulfilling your dreams like Ian Timberlake. You can read about his experiences at GASS Racing School below. Thank you GASS Racing School; you helped make a bucket list dream come true.*

Bridling at over 400 horsepower, smelling the gooey rubber as it pealed across the radiating asphalt, tasting the bitter 100+ octane fuel vapor in the air, blinking away the sweat rolling in my eyes as my vision ever narrowed, deafened, and feeling the weight of my innards being thrust out of place, my brain was processing information faster than if I were attacked by a lion… although, I could argue I was being attacked by a lion.

Suiting up!

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Feel the G Force at Iowa Speedway with GASS

Bucket list Publications is at it again. We set the goal of helping one bucket list reader achieve their dreams each month but we’re averaging four! This weekend, Ian of Iowa will have the wheel for the thrilling drive of his life. Thanks to GASS Racing School, he’ll participate in the Great American Stockcar Series driving experience. Continue reading

Namasté Sara! You Can Cross Spa Day off your Bucket List

Everyone has a different version of what they’d like to accomplish, try, or experience in their life. While I enjoy extreme adventures, sports, outdoor activities and anything to do with the ocean, others like retreats, relaxing, and finding peace of mind. Sara of New Brunswick, Canada had “spend a day at the spa” as her number one bucket list item. As soon as I read her list, I knew there was at least one thing I could arrange for her. With the support of Namaste Spa, Bucket List Publications helped Sara cross an item off of her list. Continue reading

“Destinations” Make All the Difference – Fanciful Flight Dreams Come True

“I love flying! Ever since I was a small boy, I dreamed of flying. At age 16, I took an introductory pilot lesson at an airport in Cameron Park, California and had the experience of a lifetime. We flew around for an hour and it was amazing! Ever since then, I have resolved to one day pursue my private pilot’s license. I dreamed about being back in the pilot’s seat again.” Jason MacLean

Bucket List Publications doesn’t believe in saying, “Get your head out of the skies.”  No! We believe in putting you back where you belong and Jason MacLean of Oklahoma belongs in the sky. Continue reading

Submit Your List and You Could Be the Next Bucket List Recipient!

It would be great if Bucket List Publications could whisk people off to exotic locations or fly them around the world. It would be a dream come true to have unlimited funds and make even the most bizarre, unbelievable bucket list items come true for my readers, but the reality is that I’m not rich and I don’t have unlimited funds for Bucket List Publications… just yet. Believe me, if a had sponsorship from a travel agency or an airline, I would definitely be taking advantage of it myself. We currently don’t have funding to cover the costs of travel or transportation. I am determined, though, and I’ve been able to set up bucket list adventures for readers from around the globe. They just have to have reasonable, creative requests. Continue reading

No Wining Necessary; We’ll Make it Happen

What’s California known for? When people dream of touring California, what are some top  items they include on their bucket list? For Faith and Albert Sun, touring Wine Country from the seat of a bicycle, pedaling past rows of undulating vineyards while enjoying an invigorating sensory experience, was an adventure that simply couldn’t be matched anywhere other than California’s Wine Country. California’s famous Wine Country holds a prosperous spot in the top ten wine regions in the world. Walking around the vineyards, enjoying a relaxing atmosphere, and tasting some of the best wine in the world was a dream that Bucket List Publications was able to make happen for Faith and Albert. Exploring the California Wine Country can be an adventure by itself; however, experiencing it via bike adds an element of intrigue that can make for a more memorable vacation altogether. Faith and Albert’s Cycling in the Vineyards Tour with Napa Valley Bike Tours was coupled with a three night stay at MacArthur Place to create a bucket list dream vacation beyond their wildest imaginations. Continue reading

Skydiving was #1 on my Bucket List… and I ACTUALLY DID IT!

Featured Writer: Chanel

I never would have imagined at the start of this year, that I would have won a contest and got a free skydiving adventure in San Diego.

But, life is unplanned and spontaneous 🙂 and that’s the best part about it!

Thanks to Bucket List Publications, I got to jump out of a plane on Easter and cross off the #1 item on My Bucket List. Continue reading

Delivering A Bucket List Reader to the Destination of His Dreams

Making bucket list dreams come true has become one of the most rewarding ventures of my life. Being able to say to someone that I’m actually going to make one of their dreams come true is like delivering Christmas and I’m a modern day Santa Claus! In the past month, Bucket List Publications has been able to send one reader, along with a guest, on a heli skiing and resort adventure with Selkirk Tangiers and Revelstoke Mountain Resort. His power dreams came true at the heli skiing capital of the world, BC, Canada, and all he needed to do was submit his bucket list and drive to the resort; we looked after the rest. Most recently, Len, a faithful reader, was delivered to the destination of his dreams – the back of a chauffeured Rolls-Royce limo with Matebele Limo. On April 6th, Len rode around in style and made one of his bucket list items a reality. Riding in a Rolls is an exclusively royal experience; even Kate Middleton chose to ride to Westminster Abbey on her wedding day in a Rolls-Royce Phantom. It truly is experiencing the lap of luxury, and Len was not disappointed.  Continue reading

Bucket List Publications is Accepting Submissions & Making Bucket List Dreams a Reality

You can now submit your own articles and bucket lists to Bucket List Publications Online Magazine for publication! It’s easy to create your own account (two short steps), upload your article and photos, and await publication to over 30,000 readers a day and over 18,600 followers!


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Matebele Limo Will Deliver A Bucket List Reader to the Destination of His Dreams

Bucket List Publications has found its next Bucket List Recipient. Len’s list of bucket list activities included being chauffeured in a Rolls-Royce and with the cooperation of Matebele Limo, we’re going to make it happen on April 6th, 2012. Riding in a Rolls is something very few of us have actually had the opportunity to experience. The Rolls-Royce Phantom combines state-of-the-art technology and engineering with timeless contemporary design. The latest expression of Phantom redefines the luxury vehicle market. Being chauffeured in a Rolls truly is experiencing the lap of luxury. Continue reading