We Need Love, but We Crave Romance

Sometimes men want to be more romantic; they want to show just how much they really care, how much passion they really feel, how much their partner means to them, but it just doesn’t come naturally. Sure, they could buy some roses and yes they could bring home chocolates or a bottle of wine but what about women, like me, who see flowers as a waste of money because they quickly wither and die, who don’t drink wine because it doesn’t satisfy their taste buds (or because they are pregnant), and who see chocolates as less-than-worthy  notches in their belts? I have more love in my relationship than I ever thought possible and I need it like I need food and water, but romance is like Rice Krispies; I crave them; I long for them; I want them to be part of my major food groups. Continue reading

Together We Have… Everything! Happy Anniversary Darren

On this day last year, I danced down the isle, better known as the beach in Jamaica. Darren and I celebrated our love while being surrounded by our family and friends and the most surreal environment imaginable. From rock climbing, trapeze-swinging, sand-jumping, and over-the-shoulder throwing, we had it all. Here’s a glimpse of our wedding day.
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2012 Bucket List – Adventure Awaits!

In 2011, I went to 7 countries, got married, went sky-diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, base jumping, rock climbing, sailing, whitewater rafting, cruising, canoeing, canopy touring (zip-lining), jet skiing, windsurfing, dog sledding, helicopter touring, rappelling, trapeze swinging, caving, kayaking, and swimming with beluga whales and dolphins all with a bucket list in mind and an open heart. Continue reading

Something Borrowed

Weddings bring a continuous smile to my face. The beautiful bride, the anxious groom, the grateful friends and guests, and the happy parents; what’s not to love? As a recent wedding guest for my sister-in-law’s wedding, I felt tickled with joyousness and pride. It wasn’t the thought of gaining a new member of the family or the beauty of it all that was most overpowering, although those two things were perfect in their own way. Listening to the vows, witnessing the loving expressions on everyone’s face, and hearing the delightful tone of each speaker’s voice allowed me to superimpose my own marriage. Witnessing two people confess their love for each other and taking part in the following wedding celebration allowed time for reflection on my own life and love, and in those instances I was reminded how blessed I am. I borrowed moments from her special day to cherish my beautiful life.

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How to Win McDonalds Monopoly

Anyone that knows me knows that I have an addiction. It may not be to drugs, alcohol, or smoking but it is just as fierce – it’s to McDonalds. Since I was a little girl, my ideal meal was a Big Mac combo and I haven’t faltered since. The zesty Mac sauce and the salty fries make my mouth water just thinking about it. Even when I lived three hours away from the nearest McDonalds, I would make the trek at least once a month to get my fix. My husband was fully aware of my faults when we met and he still accepted me with open arms.  It was a surprise that I’d yet to win any major prize on the McDonalds Monopoly and I had proposed that it was rigged. Continue reading

Here Comes the Bride – On a Trapeze?

From rock climbing, trapeze-swinging, sand-jumping, and over-the-shoulder throwing, we had it all. But what else would you expect from a couple that knew each other for a month before moving in together, explored countries together, and sold everything to move across the continent and start a new life together?  Continue reading

Jump for Mastering Action Shots

Some of my favorite photos are jump action shots, but they can be difficult to achieve. Action photography requires you to be quick and know your camera. In most occasions, though, it is the funny, off-time shots that make the day memorable.

Let’s jump in and see some photos inspired by one action: jump!

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Jamaica Wedding

With over 2/3 of my views under the “Our Jamaica Wedding” category, I’m excited to post more pictures from our dream wedding adventure.

“We can only said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”  

Thornton Wilder Continue reading

This is My Fairy Tale!

When we planned our wedding at Breezes Trelawny in Jamaica for January 4th, 2011, we didn’t have high expectations for the resort, rather for our family and our ability to have a great time in any situation. My husband and I had traveled around the world and our only hope was to experience somewhere new while marrying each other. What we didn’t expect was that it was a tropical paradise situated in some of the most stunningly beautiful surroundings on earth. After all, it was here where our lifetime together began.

Breezes Trelawny is not the top resort in Jamaica and it lacks in several all-inclusive areas, such as food, available activities, and cleanliness, but the great photo opportunities were in abundance. I can’t imagine anywhere else in the world where we could get photos on the beach, around a flower-filled walkway, near rustic shacks, in a gazebo, around a pool, on a rock climbing wall, and on a trapeze (Okay, I can guarantee you didn’t expect the trapeze, but it worked).

Most people spend thousands of dollars on having the most beautiful wedding setting and spend thousands more on alcohol and food to follow the ceremony. Our simple, classic wedding was preceded by a dancing bride down the isle that just so happened to be a spectacular beach and succeeded with an open bar and unlimited food in an à la carte restaurant with a singing, dancing waiter. Everything was easy.

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