A few days after creating the original “Friends”/social media post, I created a new post that Bucket list whitewater rafting adventure Maineexplained how linking to too many blogs is not beneficial for either party. With over 100 links, I would actual bring your ranking down. I’ve been researching SEO rankings and learned a lot from my readings. It was only after I read the section on linking that I truly understood the process and decided to change the “Friends” page to its current status. I read that social shares such as tweets, likes, and follows are considered a far superior and more lasting way to promote the popularity of content than any other method so if you’ve linked to my blog, I’m now following your blog and I will check back regularly.

A few other things I’ve learned that seem to increase SEO rankings and google rankings include:
1. Adding a Title, Alt title, and description to all of your photos (So google can read them)
2. Linking your blog/website to Twitter and Facebook.
3. “like” and comment, meaningful comments that show the writer you actually read the piece, on other related blogs.
4. Respond to every comment possible.
5. Write regularly and include, well-labeled, images.
6. Claim your site on Alexa.

I am new to blogging. With less than a year under my belt, I’m just figuring out the process. I hope these new tips help in some way and may you continue to grow with success,

If you’re looking for more ways to grow your blog and increase your ranks, check out our 7 Great Ways to Improve Your Alexa Ranking.

207 thoughts on “Friends

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  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m writing about my running adventures and hoping to pass on some hard won nuggets of wisdom to new runners. Hopefully any of your readers who have a 5K or a marathon on their bucket list will pop on over and give my blog a read.
    The big item on my bucket list is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I need to run 7:46 miles to qualify and I have never run a marathon at better than a 9:00 pace. So I have a lot of work to do. But it is my dream.
    Your blog looks great and I think I will be doing a lot of reading here.


  3. Amazing blog!! It’s amazing when you discover people around the world living their lifes with such spirit! The passion is the engine that moves the world and you are a great percentage of that global engine with no doubts!!


  4. Thanks Lesley for Liking Calas Galadhon – love your site. How about a piece on exploring virtual worlds – lol, half-kidding, I am a writer, poet, PR flack (representing some RL soft adventure vacation destinations and webmistress at Calas…so will take a look at your submissions guidelines if you are interested…


  5. Hi Lesley,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog at
    I’m just trying to encourage children to do their piano practise, but I love what you’re doing with your blog!
    I’ve been lucky enough to make many of my own dreams become a reality – volunteered in a childcare centre in Honduras, taught English in the Galapagos, met my sponsor child in Colombia!
    What you’re doing is wonderful. God bless.


  6. Hey Lesley,

    I’ve added your link to the left-hand side of my homepage! I thought I’d already done so before, but it’s definitely there now!

    (Gin & Lemonade)


  7. Hi Lesley, great idea! Linking is complete on this end!
    Here’s mine
    You blaze a path on shaking free of the daily grind and breaking free into everything that’s available and possible for each of us 😉


  8. Hey Matt,

    I love your blog and the photos are great! I’m following along and I will check back regularly. I didn’t notice a link to Bucket List Publications on your site. Did you post one and I just missed it?

    Have a great day,



    • Hi Lesley,

      Thanks for the compliment and for posting my link on your blog. Sorry about the short delay in getting your link up, but if you look now you’ll find it there. Love your stuff!



  9. Lesley, you are like some kinda listopia genius. Thanks for including my blog here. I’ll try to be worthy, but I might sometimes says some swears or use too many semi-colons. 🙂


  10. Your site is a delight! Thanks for “liking” my post at objectpermanenceblog. I’m new to WordPress and it’s great to find sites like yours. Congrats on the baby!


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