Where in the World? Guess the Locations

I was cleaning out my phone today and found these panoramic shots. Can you guess the location of each photo?

They were all taken within the last year.
I took all of the photos.
They are in order based on date.

travel photos from 2013 travel photos from 2013 travel photos from 2013 travel photos from 2013 travel photos from 2013travel photos from 2013 travel photos from 2013 travel photos from 2013 travel photos from 2013 travel photos from 2013

Which one is your favorite? Which place would you like to visit the most right now?

Share your favorite photo.

Do You Want to Go to Aruba?

It’s weeks later and I’m still dreaming about the magnificent white sand beaches, the tranquility, the friendly people, the nightly entertainment, and the abundance of activities in Aruba. Are you experiencing the Monday blues? Come away with me to Aruba… even if it is only for a few minutes.

Which photo really brings you there? Do you have a favorite?

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5 Spectacular Reasons to Discover Aruba

With an average rainfall of less than 20 inches a year, an average daytime temperature of 82° F with low humidity, and a location awayAruba-Beach from the path of hurricanes, Aruba is one of the most temperate islands in the Caribbean. Besides the near-perfect weather and location check out these 5 spectacular reasons to visit Aruba.

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Sail Me Away – Windsurfing in Aruba

Out of all of my Aruba adventures including dancing through the streets at CarubbianWindsurfing, Aruba Festival, exploring the wilds of the northern shore on an ATV tour, snorkeling and Snuba, beach tennis, and windsurfing and SUP, I loved windsurfing the most. With the perfect combination of instruction, wind strength, and water conditions, Aruba was the ultimate place to practice windsurfing. Continue reading

Getting Dirty in Aruba

Whenever I have an opportunity to try something new, I do it. Life is beautiful and full of ATV Adventure, Arubaadventures around every corner so you have to put yourself out there and give everything a go at least once. Something I haven’t done yet was drive an ATV. I know my way around an SUV, a dune buggy, or even a snowmobile (I’m Canadian remember), but surprisingly enough, I’ve never driven an ATV… until yesterday. We explored Aruba’s north coast open air and I learned that I have a new “drive” and it’s called off-road ATVing. I like getting dirty and playing with toys. Give me a field of dirt and a way to truly explore it over make-up and fancy clothes any day. I may not be a “lady” but I know how to have fun.  Continue reading

A Regular Thursday Night in Aruba

Delicious Aruban food, handicrafts, drinks, a center stage of activities, and a mini Mardi Carubbian Festival, ArubaGras of dancing, customs and music came together tonight to create an explosion of fun. The coolest part – it’s a regular Thursday night in Aruba at the Carubbian Festival.

The Carubbian Festival takes place in San Nicolas every Thursday night from 6:00 pm – 10 pm, showcasing the multicultural charms of Aruba. Closed to traffic, the main street becomes a paved stage for dancers, including me, and live, interactive entertainment for the whole family.

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