Waterproof Packing Made Easy – Exped Torrent 50

Backpacking, caving, biking, mountaineering, canyoneering, paddling… the list of adventures where you need to keep your gear dry goes on and on. The Exped Torrent 50 backpack keeps water away from your precious gear so it stays dry and you stay carefree. Take on wet conditions with this waterproof pack that offers welded seams and waterproof closures. If you find yourself battling wet conditions, this should be your go-to pack. Continue reading

Bike Riding Through the Cambodian Countryside

Featured Writer: Karina Schroeder

Bright green fields stretched to my right and left, scattered with small wooden shacks with resting farm animals, drying clotheslines and barbed wire fences. A bright red dirt path stretched in front of me. The air was hot and extremely humid, a combined feeling of refreshing and stifling. There were no cars and no mopeds, only bikes running over the million little rocks stuck within the country road.

The vivid colors, open air and bicycles were all in the Cambodian countryside I had the privilege to travel through in October. The experience taught me an important and unforgettable lesson: One of the best ways to spend time exploring a new country or city is to do so through bike riding.

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Reaffirming My Faith in Humanity, One Pedal at a Time (Part Two): San Francisco to Mexico

~Featured Writer: Patrick Byrne~http://searchingfortheroadlesstravelled.wordpress.com/

What happens if you decide one day to do something ridiculous, like bicycle from Vancouver to Mexico? Well, you’ll probably have a ridiculously good time. And you’ll most certainly come away with a heck of a lot more than leaner muscles and an incredible appetite.  In this second and final installment, Patrick Byrne recounts lessons learned from his latest adventure and tries to convince everyone that bicycle touring is the answer to all of the world’s problems. Continue reading

Reaffirming My Faith in Humanity, One Pedal at a Time

The Joys of Bike Touring from Vancouver to Mexico
Featured Writer: Patrick Byrne

Some numbers:
2 – Patrick’s flat tire count
23 – Total flat tires suffered by group
1 – trip to the emergency room
15- nights spent at strangers’ homes

Gifts from strangers on the street:
1-chocolate bar
3 tire tubes
1 bike maintenance book

“So, how far is it from Vancouver to San Francisco?”
“Oh I have no idea.”
“But…you’re going to bike there?”
“Yeah, it’s cool, it’ll be an adventure.”

And thus began nearly every early conversation I had with coworkers and friends about my “plan” to bicycle down the West Coast in September of 2010.  As of August 1, I had no bike, no route, and no gear. But exactly one month later I found myself rolling my precariously laden bike (total weight of bike + gear = 81 lbs) down the residential streets of the Point Grey neighbourhood in Vancouver, unsure, for the first of many times during the trip, where I would sleep that night.  Starting off with 2 friends and 1 relative stranger that day in September, I had no idea that by the middle of December I would find myself with beefy thighs and a mean shorts tan, posing for pictures with my father at the Mexican border having traversed over 3200 km, more than 1000 km further than the original itinerary. Continue reading