Get a Look at that View! Bellafonte Bonaire

Bellafonte Bonaire Ocean View

I’m at the best resort in Bonaire and I’ve decided to sleep outside. I can’t get enough of the view, the sound of the waves, and the smell of the ocean. I arrived at Bellafonte Bonaire today and I don’t want to leave. Even when my kiteboarding lesson was canceled because of low winds, I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve never found a place that captured my attention more than adventure, but Bellafonte takes the cake. Get a look at that view!  Continue reading

Why Go on WoodWind’s Snorkel Tour When You Can’t Swim?

Woodwind Cruises Bonaire

I met a lady the other day who went on a snorkeling tour with Woodwind Cruises in Bonaire when she couldn’t swim. Why the heck would she do such a thing? Who would want to go on an ocean, snorkeling tour when they couldn’t swim? Someone in love. This lady, a beautiful, young, vibrant woman, was in love with a handsome, but older, man who obviously adored her. They kissed and caressed each other on the sailboat like two teenagers. (Not in an annoying, “stop it” way, but in a jealous, romantic, playful way that all woman desire.) When I asked her if she was excited to snorkel, she said, “I’m nervous because I can’t swim very well.” I immediately judged, like others who judge me for traveling or not traveling with a toddler, and wondered what the heck she was doing on the boat. She continued, “My partner loves to be in the ocean and always wanted to visit Bonaire. It was time I did it to see his precious smile and bring him joy.” I almost started to cry and I understood why someone would go on an ocean snorkel tour when they can’t swim. Love changes us and makes us powerful, courageous, and fearless. Continue reading

Where I’ve Been – This is Life in Bonaire

Sebastian's Restaurant Bonaire

This is the longest I’ve gone without checking wordpress in the two and a half years of the site. Why? What is so important that I’m not even checking my mail? It’s Bonaire! I’ve found a quiet, relaxing, laid-back island paradise where everyone is on island time, including me. So if you’re interested in reading about my beautiful, dreamy Bonaire indulgences, you’ll have to wait a few days because I’m sipping cocktails at the bar, snorkeling the turquoise waters, falling asleep in the lounge chairs, eating dinner on the sea, and floating peacefully in the pool. I’ve finally found a place that is so unbelievable that even I will go a few days without posting or checking my mail. Heck yes, I’m on vacation. This is life in Bonaire.


Explore the Surroundings from San Juan Marriott – Old San Juan

Old San Juan

Exploring Old San Juan was on my bucket list this year, but I had no idea that I would discover such rich history, culture, and over-overwhelmingly beautiful architecture. From San Juan Marriott, the old city is a short drive or taxi ride. Set aside an entire day to wander the streets of Old San Juan and meander through the forts that guarded its harbor. Understanding the significance of the forts helps you understand Old San Juan. Follow a fort tour with walking around the cobblestone streets in one of the oldest American cities filled with boutique shops, churches, museums, and restaurants and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Continue reading

I’ve Got the Blues

San Juan Water & Beach Club Hotel

I’ve got the blues; the Caribbean blues.  From the ocean, to the rooftop pool, San Juan Water Beach Club Hotel is a turquoise paradise. The entire decor takes its cue from the transparent waters of the Caribbean Sea, a cool mix of blues that swirl, ripple, and cascade throughout the building. Coupled with crisp whites, the blues come alive and keep you in the beach atmosphere even in your room.  Continue reading

Soft & Soothing San Juan

San Juan Water & Beach Club

Welcome to my room at San Juan Water & Beach Club. It’s so soft and soothing that I just want to relax on the bed and look out the wall of windows… but then wait until you see what’s on the other side of the curtains.  Continue reading

A Photo Journey through Atlantis, Bahamas

Royal Tower, Atlantis, Bahamas

Trying to explain everything that Atlantis, Paradise Island has to offer in one post would be impossible. Surprises and unique adventures were around every corner. From water slides, marine habitats, adventure currents, nightly entertainment, spas, sports, and a casino, it was important to pick favorites and cover those activities first because the endless adventures would provide a lifetime of entertainment. Follow our Atlantis journey through a series of my favorite photos.  Continue reading

A Resort for All Generations – Atlantis, Bahamas

Atlantis, The Royal Tower

I’ve found it! A resort that offers bucket list activities for all generations from grandparents to grandchildren from mothers to daughters. With scheduled entertainment, a marine habitat, a water park, and extreme water adventures, my mother, my sister, my daughter, and I all crossed items off of our list while staying at Atlantis, Bahamas. Offering the world’s largest open-air marine habitat, a 63-acre Aquaventure waterpark, and the largest conference space in the Caribbean, Atlantis is a palace fit for a bucket list lifestyle.  Continue reading

What’s Your Biggest Fear?

Sea Trek Walking with Sharks

What’s your biggest fear; something so paralyzing that it gives you shivers just thinking about it? Just two years ago, I was so desperately afraid of marine life that the sight of a minnow sent me in the opposite direction. I loved to swim and I spent my entire life in the water, but I could never even think about what lurked below. I was curious but too afraid. Today was a monuments day for attacking my fears head-on. I walked with 22 sharks, 20 feet under water with Sea Trek at Atlantis, Bahamas and a state-of-the-art clear-glass helmet and I will never look at my fears the same way again.  Continue reading

Exhale – We’ve Arrived at Marriott, Grand Cayman

Marriott Grand Cayman Beach View

2013 was an amazing year filled with family, travel, and adventure, but sometimes we just need a minute to exhale. Today, we arrived at Grand Cayman Marriott and that’s exactly what we did – breathed out, relaxed, and took it all in.  Continue reading