The Sporting Life – Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

Casa de Campo's Shooting Club

Families can come together to experience endless activities and sporting adventures at Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. From horseback riding along the Chavon River, polo lessons at the Equestrian and Polo Club, catamaran sailing at the Marina, and shooting at the Safari Club, Casa de Campo activities read like a life’s bucket list rather than resort options. Additionally, families can enjoy more traditional resort sports together such as golf on five Pete Dye courses featuring Teeth of the Dog, the No. 1 course in the Caribbean. Sounds like too much to cover in one vacation? I think not! I did it all in four days. Casa de Campo is a 7,000 acre tropical, sporting paradise.  Continue reading

Casa de Campo Spa: Tropical Tranquility

Casa de Campo Spa

After three days of skeet shooting, horseback riding, water sports, and golf lessons, a morning at the spa was a heavenly treat. Casa de Campo Spa pampers guests with complete Caribbean tranquility. A sanctuary offering soothing, sensual experiences, indigenous spa treatments pay homage to the Dominican Republic’s native lands and culture incorporating tropical fruits, bamboo cane, sugar cane, peppermint, and coffee-mint into treatments. My tailored massage lifted away tension and focused on the golfer’s and marksmen’s problem areas. I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. It was the ideal ending to my sporting life experience.   Continue reading

I Officially Want to Buy a Gun

Casa de Campo's Shooting Club

A sport of action, movement, impeccable timing and control, and mental and physical demand, sport shooting sounds like the ideal bucket list item for me yet it never made the list until this year. When I heard about the 200 stations featuring trap, skeet, and sporting clays along with pigeon ring and a new bird preserve, the Case de Campo Shooting Center was the perfect match for Bucket List Publications. Even for a novice shooter like me, they have endless options.
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7,000-Acre Tropical Playground

7000 Acres = 10.9375 Square Miles


That’s the size of the hotel property that I’m visiting in the Dominican Republic. Case de Campo is more like a city than a resort. The driver said, “You have arrived at Case de Campo and it was a good 6 minutes later when we reached the lobby. You know that scene in Jurassic Park where the gates open to the park and all of the mouths are agape? That was my expression when I entered the gated paradise of Casa de Campo. Continue reading