Inspired by Climbing in Chattanooga

Rock Climbing at High Point in Chattanooga

On our last day in Chattanooga, we were scheduled to go rock climbing at High Point Climbing & Fitness. I love rock climbing but I never thought Athena would be as interested at such a young age. It ended up being her favorite activity of the entire trip and she was fearless. I don’t know what I was thinking waiting so long to bring her but I’m glad we experience it now. Kids love to climb. They climb on everything. Why not bring them to a place where they can literally climb the walls and they have a safety when they fall? It’s genius!  Continue reading

Chattanooga Puts a Smile on Her face

Dancing at Rock City, Chattanooga

Athena is generally a happy child. She likes to sing and dance and play. She’s full of energy and life and she’s usually smiling. Since we’ve arrived in Chattanooga, though, it’s been a happiness overdrive. Our trip here has been the perfect combination of fun activities and good company. We’re traveling with two other families. One family has a little girl the same age as Athena. The other family has two girls ages 10 and 12. At Ruby Falls and Rock City, Athena explored with a friend her age and today at the Tennessee Aquarium and the Creative Discovery Museum, she hung out with the older girls and learned from their mature attitudes. It’s been one child-friendly activity after another and the smiles keep getting bigger.  Continue reading