Are DIY Projects on Your Bucket List?

DIY Laundry Room

I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I build something myself. It’s original and it’s imperfections make it even more perfect; that’s why decorating our new house made this year’s bucket list. If there were no time constraints, I’d build everything myself. Since that’s not possible, the things I can build hold even more significance.  We officially finished our laundry room this evening and three of the pieces were created by us. In a busy world filled with bills and house cleaning and grocery shopping, I love to fit in a few DIY projects that make me excited.  Continue reading

Nursery of My Dreams

Since I was a teenage girl, I imagined being married to the man of my dreams. Unlike most teenage girls, though, I didn’t focus on the wedding day or any one day in particular. My imagination didn’t run away with details of wedding dresses, flowers, bridesmaids, churches, invitations, locations, or accommodating guests. I didn’t envision a personally designed engagement ring fit for a princess or the perfect proposal, although I received both of those with an open heart. No, my thoughts and wildest imagination centered on having a partner who loved traveling the world with me, who loved to explore and create a beautiful, unique life with me, and who cherished the daily events that filled our lives with joy. Designing a nursery for our precious baby girl was one of the most  fulfilling  experiences of my life. We created a dream world together. The accumulation of all of my teenage and adult dreams was met through the process of designing Athena’s room.  Continue reading