Buddy Dive Resort – The Best Overall Resort in Bonaire

Eat, Sleep, Buddy Dive

Bonaire is blessed with an unsurpassed natural beauty. From the pristine waters to Brandaris’s peak, Bonaire’s magic washed over me from the moment I arrived. Even while participating in extreme adventures, a peaceful ambiance filled my time on Bonaire. The island continues to reign supreme as the dive destination in the Caribbean, but that’s only the beginning; Bonaire offers culture, cuisine, and nature, both terrestrial and marine. With all those possibilities, it’s not a question if you should go, it’s just a matter of when. So where is the best place to stay to experience it all? At Buddy Dive Resort, you can DIVE DIVE DIVE, take part in a multitude of activities, or just sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere. You’ll be left famished and soaking up the views, flavors, and entertainment from Ingredients Restaurant. Bonaire has some of the best resorts that I’ve visited but Buddy Dive definitely offers the best overall experience. Continue reading