Making Bucket List Dreams a Reality

Wadi Rum Camel Ride

If you could have any one bucket list dream come true, what would it be? What is your deepest desire? Is it skydiving over the Swiss Apls? Riding a camel to the Pyramids? Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef? Readers of Bucket List Publications have been submitting their bucket lists and we’ve been making them a reality! Join us at GoFundMe in bringing bucket list dreams alive. Continue reading

30 Tested Bucket List Adventures

Adventure Collage

What are your top five bucket list items? Share your list with others, making it more likely to come true. I’ve successfully completed hundreds of bucket list items from flying a jet pack to traveling the world and I achieved them by creating a yearly list. The more unrealistic we are with our dreams and goals, the more we are able to achieve. What’s on your list?

Here are 30 tested ideas for the adventure section of your bucket list: Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Dreams a Reality


I was a high school English teacher. For eight years, that’s how I defined myself; for the rest of my life before that, I was a student. I was content in life. I was content with my career. I was content with my location. I was content with my extra-curricular activities. I was content in my marriage. I was content. I thought that was enough. I figured no one actually lives their dream life or finds complete happiness so having a roof over my head, a permanent job, and enough money to get by were plenty. Then I woke up. It literally happened over night. I was no longer okay with “good enough.” I wanted my daily life to be better than vacation. I wanted to feel like I never had to work another day in my life because my job was so great that it was more like play. I have something to offer the world and I’m worth more than a content life. So I did it. I made my dream life a reality. Continue reading

What’s Left for Your 2012 Bucket List?

Each year, I create a bucket list; there are way too many things I want to accomplish in myFlight Lessons California life to create just one never-ending, overwhelming list. By writing a new list every year, I have more direction and motivation to implement my perfect life. I spend hours envisioning what I want to accomplish, what’s possible, and what’s maybe a little impossible, and then I find ways to make it happen. Not everyone has a bucket list, but we all have things we want to accomplish this year. Stop! Take two minutes to write down 5 things you want to accomplish before the end of 2012. Now, share them in a comment below! If it is written, you can make it happen! We can all have our dreams come true! Share them with me, share them with others, and watch them happen.  Continue reading