What I Learned from Wine Tasting at Marriott’s Harbour Lake


A wine tasting social took place at Marriott’s Harbour Lake this evening at 6 pm. Although I’m here alone, I decided to go solo. I figured that most people vacationing here are regular travelers; that’s why they’re part of a vacation club. I put on a dress, as well as a garbage bag over my head since I forgot my umbrella, and walked to the Den, which is where the social was being hosted. There were a total of 7 people, 5 wines, cheese and crackers, and endless travel conversation. It was an ideal blend.  Continue reading

Let it Rain at Marriott’s Harbour Lake, Florida


The rain was coming down in buckets when I arrived at Marriott’s Harbour Lake, A Marriott Vacation Club Resort, in Orlando, Florida today. I was discouraged. I’m only here for three days; I didn’t want to spend one of them with nothing to do. When I checked in, though, and was handed the resort activity guide, my mood instantly changed. Their guide reads like a phone book. I  took it with me to lunch at The Patio and started planning my mini-vacation. For the next hour, I enjoyed exceptional service and delicious food. Now, the rain has gone and my week is looking brighter.  Continue reading

The Sun was Setting

Every second of the day since arriving at Pink Shell Resort in Fort Myers, Florida has been about spending time with Athena, but in the evening, when she’s already in dreamland, Darren and I watch the sunset from the balcony. Each night, it has been completely different yet postcard perfect every time.

Which one is your favorite? 1? 2? 3? 4? or 5? Do you prefer the yellows, blues, or pinks?

Sunset from Pink Shell Resort

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Pink Shell Resort Water Babies

Success! Athena and I spent the entire day playing in the pool at Pink Shell Beach ResortPink Shell Resort PoolWe did absolutely nothing else, and it was spectacular. The sun was beaming overhead casting a ray of light on our day. The breeze was strong enough to keep us cool and the water was refreshing without making us cold. It was the perfect combination to allow us to stay in the pool for hours. We finally called it a day when our fingers and toes were wrinkly prunes and even then Athena tried to get a few mores minutes out of me.

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Back to the Beach

My ten days in Jordan were life-changing. I journeyed to five of my bucket list locations Pink Shell Beach Resort, Fort Myersincluding Petra, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, and Jerash. I hiked, swam, walked, and climbed my way through the country. I rode 4x4s, buses, cars, planes, donkeys, and camels; and I am exhausted. After ten days of being a hyperactive tourist, I want some beach time. This week we are relaxing at Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina in Fort Myers, Florida. My plan is to spend as much time as humanly possible in the pool and on the beach. Forget constant exercise and adventure; I’m ready to relax.  Continue reading

Everglades and Alligators

A spectacular airboat ride where alligators are plentiful, a relaxing boat cruise through the Everglades National Park where dolphins play in the wake, a delicious, traditional lunch with alligator appetizers, a wildlife drive with the Big Cypress Preserve, and a nature walk full of gators, birds, and other wildlife are all part of the Everglades Day Safari. The Everglades Safari is the only full-day, guided eco-tour of the majestic Everglades. Each part of the tour is designed to explore the four main ecosystems that make up the ‘glades including: the sawgrass prairie, mangrove estuary, cypress swamps and pine savannah. I had never seen an alligator so close before that he could lunge out of the water and attack at any time; I’d also never held an alligator before or eaten one, but this tour was a day of first for me. Continue reading

Strange Animal Encounters in the Florida Keys

Some people are just in the right place, at the right time, with the right attitude toward something new. I am one of those people. By chance, I met Adam Sandler and Tom Waits in Ireland, Jason Bay in Boston, Flogging Molly in New Brunswick, the Pope in Italy, and the Queen in England. Just last week, I was scheduled for a tour over LA by helicopter. When we arrived, we were escorted to an airplane, which seemed equally as adventurous so we never complained and stepped on board. After our flight, we learned that the company had made a simple mistake and they offered our original helicopter tour at no extra charge. We were able to fly over the beach cities by plane and downtown LA by helicopter all in the same day. Because I travel so freely and rarely have set plans, it leaves a window of opportunity. It was this free-spirited, open-ended travel that led me to a strange animal encounter in the Florida Keys. Continue reading

On Location in Hollywood – Hollywood Beach, Florida

Nestled between Fort Lauderdale and Miami is Hollywood, a classic Florida beachtown that’s enchanted visitors since the 1920s. The Hollywood Beach Resort is the historic star attraction of Hollywood. With fair room prices and beachfront access, we thought we found the ideal hotel, but the excessive parking fee, the unfriendly staff, and the old, run-down rooms quickly changed our view. We don’t, however, spend much time in the room to begin with so the location was its winning quality. At an easy 15 minute drive to Port Everglades Cruise Port, a 30 minute drive from Miami’s South Beach, and a short hop, skip, and a jump to the international airport, we found the Hollywood Beach Resort to be the perfect location for touring southern Florida. Continue reading