Dominica is Packed with Awesomeness

Mountain Views in Dominica

I had breakfast at Evergreen Hotel, toured the city Roseau, hiked to Trafalgar Falls, swam in hot springs, relaxed on Mero Beach, dined at Romance Cafe and enjoyed flyboarding with Nature Island Adventure Tours. That’s not my full week itinerary; that’s what I did today in Dominica.  Continue reading

A Life Without Restrictions; A Life Without Fear!

Playing on the beach at Riu Cabo

My life is about telling stories. I’ve made it my job to explore the world while experiencing moments that take me out of my comfort zone. Now, Contiki is asking travelers to submit their epic tales of adventure, laughter, friendship, love and #NOREGRETS for the opportunity to have their story told for the world to hear. Travelers can head to the Contiki Legends page to view legendary Contiki stories and create their own. Just reading about it left me thinking about my greatest travel adventure. What trip really changed my life? What really changed me? Was it Africa, my dream safari trip? Or maybe Jordan with its vast new world of mystery and luxury? Was it Fiji with its turquoise waters, endless natural beauty, and ultimate adventures? Maybe it was the USVI where I completely crossed the line from fear to accomplishment? Yep, that’s the one that will stay with me for the rest of my life. What I did in USVI showed me that I can truly live a life without restrictions. I can push beyond fear and reach new horizons.

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Becoming Iron Woman with St. Thomas Flyboarding

Flyboarding St. Thomas, USVI

I seek adventures that scare me. Living life on the other side of my fears is the greatest reward possible. While in St. Thomas, USVI, I had the opportunity to try flyboarding over the pristine waters of Lindbergh Bay with St. Thomas Flyboarding. I was scared; heck, I was petrified. Flying 30 feet above the crystal blue waters, diving like a dolphin, or even trying a backflip or two all sound intimidating enough but strapping a water jetpack board to my feet while doing it is just plan insane. I’m not Ironman; these are things in movies and dreams about the future, right? Nope! It’s the here and now and I did it; and let me tell you – it is absolutely exhilarating, insane, and beyond awesome! My whole life I’ve actually been training to be Iron Woman without realizing it and St. Thomas Flyboarding let me put my skills into action. Continue reading