It’s Time I Got off the Ground with Trek Light

Last year, when my husband and I were married in Jamaica, our families joined us for a beach wedding and a relaxing week in the sun. When I asked my ten year old sister what was her favorite part of the trip, she didn’t say the ocean or the pool, the sun or the weather, the kayaks or the paddle boats. No, her favorite part of the entire trip was hanging out on the hammocks. She loved it so much that it was the first thing she told her friends about when she returned home. We were reminiscing about the vacation a few days ago and it reminded me of how much I truly enjoyed the hammocks as well. I spent the last few days searching for the perfect hammock and I found it in the Trek Light double hammock. What puts the Trek Light hammock above the rest? It’s lightweight, durable, water-resistant, portable, and safeTrek Light Hammocks are not just for the backyard! Whatever your passion, you’ll quickly realize that bringing along a Trek Light will make the experience infinitely better. Continue reading