So I’m Not a Rock Star but I Still Love Hard Rock

Heaven Hard Rock

You’d think drinking and partying all day and night would be awesome and easy but I tried it and failed terribly. Just like everyone assumes I have the most awesome job in the world where all I do it travel, post a few photos, and a couple words here and there and I’m set, the life of a rock star is hard. Two days ago, I had a plan. I was going to drink all day and party all night. Why not? I did it very successfully for four years in university. What’s changed? Nothing, right? I’m at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya and all the essentials are at my finger tips: all inclusive alcohol and whatever brands I want, the best nightlife in the country and at any all-inclusive resort that I’ve visited, a cool DJ, friends, and Heaven bar as the venue. It was the ideal combination for the ultimate drinking party yet I didn’t even make it to the starting point. What went wrong? I got over-confident and not in any of the right ways. 

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Are You Ready to Rock Riviera Maya?

Hard Rock Riviera Maya Logo

I’m going to rock Riviera Maya for the next four days! No kids, no husband, and all time told in Pina Coladas. This resort is so big that it took me two Pina Coladas just to walk from one end to the other today. (Or maybe I just like drinking lots.) Check it out for yourself and follow along at #HardRockFAM2014.

Thanks for hosting me this week, Hard Rock; I’m ready to play!