My Favorite All-Inclusive Hotel – Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Beach Hard Rock Riviera Maya

After returning from an ocean view suite at Hard Rock Riviera Maya, I realized that Hard Rock properties are my favorite all-inclusive hotels. It’s simple; they have the best, most friendly service, modern, creative rooms, kick-ass entertainment and amenities, and better dining options than most cities. I thought it was just Hard Rock Puerto Vallarta that I loved, but Hard Rock Riviera Maya is equally impressive. From the time you drive through the gates, you are a rock star! Other all-inclusive hotels should use Hard Rock as a benchmark for hospitality. Continue reading

So I’m Not a Rock Star but I Still Love Hard Rock

Heaven Hard Rock

You’d think drinking and partying all day and night would be awesome and easy but I tried it and failed terribly. Just like everyone assumes I have the most awesome job in the world where all I do it travel, post a few photos, and a couple words here and there and I’m set, the life of a rock star is hard. Two days ago, I had a plan. I was going to drink all day and party all night. Why not? I did it very successfully for four years in university. What’s changed? Nothing, right? I’m at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya and all the essentials are at my finger tips: all inclusive alcohol and whatever brands I want, the best nightlife in the country and at any all-inclusive resort that I’ve visited, a cool DJ, friends, and Heaven bar as the venue. It was the ideal combination for the ultimate drinking party yet I didn’t even make it to the starting point. What went wrong? I got over-confident and not in any of the right ways. 

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I Want to Drink All Day & Party All Night

Hard Rock Band at Heaven

Hard Rock Riviera Maya is one big party, especially in the adults only section. This morning, on my way to the pool, I grabbed two Pina Coladas; not to sound like the song, just because I love Pina Coladas and two was all I could carry. And I had a great idea! Continue reading