Discovering Bermuda: Top 3 Family Activities – Number 1

I could live in the ocean if I could only breathe under water. I love everything about it… the Fairmont Beach Club in Southamptonsounds, the smells, the sights, nothing is more relaxing or refreshing. I grew up next to the ocean so it brings me back to my childhood and elicits some of the fondest memories of my life. Any location that offers great beach destinations automatically draws me so Bermuda was always high on my list of places to visit. With azure blue waters and bold, colorful fish, the snorkeling in Bermuda is some of the best in the world, making it my favorite family activity in the country.  Continue reading

Discovering Bermuda: Top 3 Family Activities – Number 2

Why pay for a harbor tour when you can get it for free? Overlooking the stunning blue M.V. Destiny, Bermudawaters of the breathtaking harbor, The Fairmont Hamilton Princess and Fairmont Southampton hotels offer everything you could possibly need to make your vacation a truly memorable experience including a complimentary ferry. Hop on and off as many times as you’d like and enjoy the beautiful Bermuda waters for free.  Continue reading

Discovering Bermuda: Top 3 Family Activities – Number 3

The Crystal Caves are among Bermuda’s top visitor attractions and are number 3 on myCrystal Caves, Bermuda list of family activities to explore in Bermuda. Mesmerizing pools of crystal clear water, incredible formations of every size and shape imaginable, and clustered, crystallized ceilings make the caves uniquely beautiful with every visit.

The moment I descended down the walkway into Crystal Cave, about 36 meters (120 feet) below the ground level, I knew I was experiencing natural beauty at its best. Pathways of floating pontoons spread out before me, spanning the crystal clear water. Breath-taking formations appeared 40 feet below the surface, yet they were as clear as if they were mere inches away. Above, pristine white stalactites covered with crystallized soda straws were hanging from the roof of the cave. It was both fascinating and beautiful, a real treat for all ages. Continue reading

The Law of Attraction

When you envision Paradise, what images enter your mind? Do you picture snow-capped mountains? Maybe an endless field of flowers? Or cotton-candy colored skies? My version of Paradise has always been the perfect beach. I remember looking at a poster in university of bridge over water and I was so draw to it, that I needed to buy it. I must have stared at that poster for more than 100 hours, imagining my life in those waters. Today, as if from a dream, the poster appeared before my eyes… yet it was real. It was as if everything I’d dreamed about in the picture materialized right in front of me while driving on the highway in Bermuda near St. George’s.

Bermuda I’m considering adding this photo to my business cards or making it my logo. It reflects and represents the accumulation of all of my dreams come true. It’s no longer a dream-like poster, rather a photo that I shot while on a press trip in Bermuda.

Do you think if you dream it and imagine it, you attract it into your life?

Is Relaxing Innate?

I started to feel anxious. I wondered if others were feeling the same way. I looked around. ItM.V. Destiny, Bermuda seemed like I was the only one. On board the M.V. Destiny this morning in Bermuda I figured something out; relaxing is learned. It is not an innate ability. Some times our lives are so filled with going and moving that we forget to just relax and enjoy the tranquility. For one hour and a half today, I didn’t need to be doing “something”. I just relaxed. It may have taken me a few extra minutes, but I got there.  It was liberating. We departed Albouy’s Point on the M.V. Destiny for a tour of Hamilton Harbor at 8:30 am and returned at 10:00 am. For that 1.5 hours, I learned to relax. Continue reading

Oh Fairmont Hamilton Princess, You Know What I Like

Endless food and drink choices in the Gold Lounge, a fruit plate and a personal note in myFairmont Hamilton Princess room, windows galore, a massive king bed, and a pool for days… oh Fairmont Hamilton Princess, you know what I like! Continue reading