Instagram Hacked – Advice from a Victim

Instagram Attacked Advice from a Victim

This post affects over 1 billion Instagram users and it’s one of the saddest posts I had to write because I’m a victim. I used my Instagram account as a major part of my business and income stream. With nearly 150,000 followers, almost 800 posts including photos of myself, my six year old daughter, and our travels, and thousands of hours of relationship building and audience growth, it was hacked and stolen. I was trapped in an automated loop with Instagram, never actually speaking to a human or receiving any help. It was like someone broke into my house and set it on fire, burning it to the ground. Here’s what happen and a list of ways you can protect yourself.  Continue reading

Social Media Sharing- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube

Bucket List Publications on Instagram

Do you want to grow your social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and connect with other bloggers? Let’s share them and celebrate our successes. Bucket List Publications now has 77,637 blog followers, 4,877 Facebook followers, 7,763 Twitter followers, and 27,123 Instagram followers. We’d love to be part of reciprocal sharing. Continue reading

A Glimpse onto My Real Life with Instagram

While I was in Fiji, I noticed that the other travel writers were hooked on Instagram. I’d ExploreFijibought into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ but Instagram just seemed like another time consuming social media site and I couldn’t keep up. It was inevitable, though, so I gave it a go. Low and behold, all of my photos appeared a whole lot better when they were on Instagram. Almost instantly, I, too, was hooked! Besides, if it brings more followers and viewers to my work, I’ll always see it as a positive marketing tool.  Continue reading