Feeling Blue in Israel

Blue Windows, Israel

I don’t know why blue is associated with feeling down or depressed. Blue is my favorite color and it’s the color of most of my favorite things. The sky, the ocean, my husband’s eyes… they are all blue and put a smile on my face. When I was in Israel, I was feeling blue but it was my kind of blue; the blue that makes me happy and excited to explore more. From the doors, windows, buildings, and shops to the sky and the ocean, the blues of Israel filled my heart with joy. Here are a few of my favorites.  Continue reading

Floating in the Dead Sea in Israel

Dead Sea Mud

My Israel trip has been so jam packed with new experiences that I haven’t been able to write the last couple days, but it’s all been a dream trip. Yesterday, we swam, or more like bobbed, in the Dead Sea. Although I’ve done it before in Jordan, it didn’t lose it’s cool factor. I’ll share more when I return home, but I wanted to give you a quick glimpse of what it’s like to float in the Dead Sea in Israel.  Continue reading

Visiting Old Jaffa, Israel

Visiting Old Jaffa, Israel

I know, I know. Many of you are wondering when I’m going to write about the violent realities of a war-torn Israel but it’s simply not what I’m experiencing right now. Today, I toured Old Jaffa. Narrow streets and courtyards filled with markets, vendors, ancient buildings sometimes restored and sometimes not, museums, shops, and galleries make up the city of Jaffa, Israel. I wandered through the streets for hours today and this is what I enjoyed.  Continue reading

What It’s Like in Tel Aviv, Israel

David Intercontinental Room View

Seeing Tel Aviv, Israel for the first time was completely shocking. I don’t know why but I expected desert and barren lands with minimal, if any, vegetation; I was totally wrong. I arrived to lush vegetation, large highways, and stunning sea vistas. Tel Aviv is often called “the city that never stops”. It’s lively with entertainment, culture, art, festivals, and a rich night life. As I walked the waterfront promenade on the Mediterranean seacoast, the city was bustling and my anticipation to explore more continued to grow.  Continue reading

Packing for Israel with Silver Icing

Silver Icing Clothes for Israel

What to pack for Israel had me stumped. The general rules with conservative dress is that tops and dresses should cover your shoulders and pants, skirts, or dresses should fall below the knee. It’s a good idea to plan for layers and a scarf or Pashmina is the ultimate piece to complete your outfit. Israel isn’t exactly a conservative place though. Even though it’s very important to wear modest clothing to religious places, it’s a lot more casual in cities like Haifa or Tel Aviv and you can basically wear whatever you like. I partnered with Silver Icing for some beautiful clothing options that fit my Israel trip perfectly. From Maxi skirts and dresses to tunics and leggings, Silver Icing has me covered in Israel and for the entire year in Southern California. The pieces I chose can be worn just about anywhere.  Continue reading

2015 Bucket List Update

You only live once quote

Every year I make my bucket list more extreme. I keep thinking that life can’t get any better than this moment, yet I’m constantly surprised at the new opportunities and adventures that come my way. We are all capable of astounding things. I want to look back on my life as a magnificent journey.  My yearly bucket list is never the be all and end all for that year. If I miss a few items because something else comes up or if I have to make additions because new opportunities arise, that’s ok. It’s not set in stone and I’m not discouraged if everything doesn’t go exactly as planned; that’s a major part of the life’s beauty. Continue reading

What’s Next? 67,105 Miles

Distance around the world = 24,901 miles

Dead Sea, Jordan

Distance I’ll be traveling in the next 4 months:
Curacao – 3,511 miles
New Brunswick – 2,656 miles
Colorado – 1,628 miles
Marseille, France – 8,350 miles
Turkey – 11,154 miles
Hawaii – 9,340 miles
Israel – 12,340 miles
South Africa – 15,950 miles
St. Kitts – 2,176 miles
total = 67,105 miles

That’s 2.69 times around the world in 4 months! Continue reading