The Most Beautifully Preserved Greek-Roman City Is Where?

I studied ancient history in grade 10. It was then that I decided to name my future daughterJerash, Jordan Athena. I didn’t know that I would have a daughter or if I would even have a child, but I knew if I did, that would be her name. The Greeks and Romans had the most fascinating history. I loved learning everything that I could soak in. It was in grade 10 history class that I also learned about the city of Jerash, the Cross Roads of Civilization, remarkable for its unbroken chain of human occupation. Here, in the hills of Gilead, you will find the remains from Neolithic times, as well as Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Omayyad civilizations. You can see a live performance of the Roman Army and Chariot Experience (RACE) at the hippodrome. I always assumed that I would visit Rome and Greece to experience history first-hand, which I did, but Jordan, specifically Jerash, seemed more like a dream that would always remain on the list… until today. Continue reading