The Natural Place to Be – Strolling through Jetton Park in Lake Norman, NC

Since moving to North Carolina 5 months ago, we spent so much time searching for the Jetton Park, Lake Norman, NCbest location to build a house that we neglected the natural parks and beauty that surround us. Today, we found Jetton Park in Lake Norman and it was the perfect place to get back to nature. A stunning beach, lush trails, and quiet picnic sites filled the 106 acre lakefront park.

We strolled through the park slowly and relaxed as we took it all in. The trails were paved with leaves freshly fallen from the surrounding trees. Families, joggers, and people walking their dogs littered the path as much as the fallen leaves. With each friendly “hello” and “how are you”, we felt more and more at home. The people of North Carolina were the biggest draw to the area and we are constantly reminded that we made a great decision for our family. Continue reading