Pumping Up our Outdoor Fun with a Sevylor Fiji Kayak

Sevylor Fiji Kayak

We came up with a list of outdoor gear that would make our life in California dreamlike and a Sevylor kayak was the first thing that made the list. Luckily, Sevylor was kind enough to send us a Sevylor® Fiji™ 2-Person Kayak and a pump for review. Most days, We made our way to the beach to check it out and we can see using it at least weekly for outdoor, family-fun.  Continue reading

The Other Arctic Circle Cruise – Kayaking Among Icebergs

Arctic neighbourhood. Ilulissat is Greenland’s third-largest settlement.

Author: Jens Notroff
Vagabonds Log

It’s been three years. Three years of kayaking in more local waters, like Germany’s rivers and Sweden’s skerries. All great destinations and exciting adventures on their own. But still. Somehow something was missing. A desire nagging deep inside. There was nothing to argue. Of course, it was only a question of time. We had to return. And so, one early July morning in 2011 we find ourselves at Copenhagen Airport – boarding that red airplane, Air Greenland’s pride and joy. Again. Destination: Greenland. Continue reading

White Water Kayaking with Amy Arnold

White Water kayaking

Author : Amy Christine Arnold (formerly Cleary)
Adventurous Wanderings

I have been white water rafting before and it was an exhilarating adventure! Rafting through Class III, IV and V rapids was such a rush! I’ve also gone kayaking before on calm rivers or out in the ocean. Kayaking is both peaceful and relaxing. I’ve never had the desire to combine those two things and go white water kayaking; however, on a trip up to North Carolina, my husband and I met a group of people that loved white water kayaking. They spoke so highly of it, we decided to give it a go. Considering we live in Florida and there is no white water, we thought we should take advantage of being in North Carolina. Continue reading

Who Would have Thought that at 38 Weeks Pregnant Kayaking was Still an Option?

Being in your ninth month of pregnancy can be draining. You reach a point where you ask yourself, is it worth it to do ‘x’? and the answer is usually a big NO. With my husband working during the day and my energy levels at an all time low during the evenings, we are often left watching television or for a big hoorah going out to a movie or to dinner. Today, I felt an energy burst and I woke up with an excitement to get out and enjoy the beautiful, sunny California weather that brought us here in the first place. Since our favorite pastime of bodyboarding is not a viable option (I can’t exactly ride the waves with my huge belly against the board), we leaned toward kayaking, and I again found myself asking, is it worth it? Well, I thought it out logically…. Our AdveancedFrame Convertible Kayak by Advanced Elements is an easy to set up, fifteen foot, inflatable kayak that can be paddled solo or tandem. One person, Darren per se, can transfer the kayak from the car to the water, unfold, inflate, and attach the seats. Although we rigged it for tandem paddling it was most certainly going to be paddled solo; I really had little intention of doing even a quarter of the work. All I really needed to do was convince Darren that going kayaking was in fact a good idea considering he would be kayaking for three (or two and a half depending on how you look at it) and possibly carry the paddles and maybe the pump. This was all starting to sound really doable! I was more than capable of kayaking in my ninth month of pregnancy.  Continue reading

The Grab-And-Go Kayak – Sevylor QuikPak K5 Inflatable Kayak

We moved to southern California for the year-round sunshine, Pacific Ocean beachfront activities, and unlimited opportunities for adventure, but with two cars and no access to a truck or SUV it can be difficult hauling sports equipment to the beach or local hot spots. Our first purchase, before we even owned a couch, was a surf board. We needed something large since we were beginner, or worse, surfers and hauling around the board proved to be a difficult task let alone getting it strapped to the car. Now that I’m pregnant, surfing is out for a few months but I miss the ocean terribly. I needed an activity where I could still be on the water but I didn’t need to worry about causing stress on the baby. I want to cruise the Pacific Ocean in comfort without hauling along a huge surfboard, paddleboard, or full-size kayak. The Sevylor QuikPak K5 inflatable, backpack kayak is the grab-and-go kayak. Portable and lightweight with an integrated backpack storage system, the QuikPak easily folds up into a backpack and fits into the backseat or truck of our car. Darren can easily transport both kayaks and we can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the marina without worrying about transporting or carrying the kayaks. Gone are the days of longing to be on the water! With the QuikPak, I can still enjoy the Pacific Ocean at my own, pregnant pace.   Then, when our precious cargo arrives, we still have top-of-the-line, durable, portable kayaks; it’s the best of both worlds. Continue reading