Never “Board” in California

In a land of limitless possibilities, it almost makes it difficult to plan events. When I found out that Darren’s brother was coming to stay with us for 10 days, I wanted to organize the best activities that southern California has to offer, but where to start? What things did Darren and I like the most? What new events would we like to try? What would quench Kev’s thirst for sun, sand, and outdoors? Choices, choices, choices. The line up included a glider lesson with Soaring Academy, kiteboarding with SoCal Kiteboarding, surfing with Banzai Surf School, and a trip to Sea World. Each activity offered something new and exciting, but kiteboarding was the one activity that Kev wanted to try the most. Living in the mountains of Banff National Park, Canada, he was hoping to take the skills that he learned from kiteboarding on water and apply them to the snowy slopes of  British Columbia and Alberta; his lesson with SoCal Kites certainly didn’t disappoint!
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Slingshot B3 Series Trainer Kite

After Darren’s kiteboarding lesson with SoCal Kitesurfing, he was hooked! He wanted to practice on a trainer kite before transitioning to an actual kite of his own so we picked up the Slingshot B3 Series Trainer Kite and he and his brother gave it a go on the weekend. Lightweight, compact, and packing a powerful punch in the wind, the B3 is hands down one of the best light traction kites on the market. The B3 is Slingshot‘s original 2-line foil light traction trainer kite that features a lightweight aluminum control bar, a compact storage bag, and just the right amount of pull to get you going. Continue reading

Go Fly a Kite! Testing the Prism Snapshot 2.5

Darren is hooked!

Understanding the wind window, learning to generate constant power, controlling apparent wind, getting use to the forces of the power zone… the constant tinkering of kiteboarding had Darren thinking about it since his lesson with SoCal Kiteboarding two weeks ago. Since kite skills are about 70% of kiteboarding, we decided to test out a trainer kite and learn to control the kite before taking any more lessons. Trainer kites cost very little compared to real riding gear and they are far more durable. With only one lesson under Darren’s belt, and a big fat zero for me, crashing the kite while learning is a pretty good possibility; making the durability a major selling point. The trainer kite is a lot smaller as well so it will generate less power and be much safer. Continue reading