A Bucket List Day at Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm roller coasterWe’ve been to Knott’s Berry Farm a number of times now, but we always fight traffic to drive up on the weekend and deal with lines and crowds. It stresses us rather than creating an amazing day with lasting memories. We wanted to experience Knott’s in a bucket list way with minimal guests in the park, minimal hassle to get there, and maximum fun all around. We planned the perfect Knott’s day including an over night stay at Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel, dining at the best restaurants, and a visit during the slowest day of the week, Monday. It paid off tenfold and we had the best day at Knott’s Berry Farm yet.  Continue reading

My Bucketlist Crosses with My Sister’s at Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm - Roller Coaster Ride

My sister, Gabriella, is only 12 years old. (I know; my parents are crazy!) The best part about having such a younger sibling, though, is that I get to be part of a lot of her “firsts”. I took her on her first camping trip, I helped her catch her first fish, I took her on her first plane ride, I rode with her on her first water slide, and most recently I sat next to her on her first roller coaster ride. Last weekend at Knott’s Berry Farm, her bucketlist crossed with mine as we braved the ancient mysteries of the Temple of the Jaguar. Our journey took us high above, and through, the other rides and attractions of the park. I crossed off making someone else’s bucketlist dream come true (don’t worry, I still have plans on making it happen for others as well) and she crossed off riding a roller coaster.  Continue reading