Instagram Hacked – Advice from a Victim

Instagram Attacked Advice from a Victim

This post affects over 1 billion Instagram users and it’s one of the saddest posts I had to write because I’m a victim. I used my Instagram account as a major part of my business and income stream. With nearly 150,000 followers, almost 800 posts including photos of myself, my six year old daughter, and our travels, and thousands of hours of relationship building and audience growth, it was hacked and stolen. I was trapped in an automated loop with Instagram, never actually speaking to a human or receiving any help. It was like someone broke into my house and set it on fire, burning it to the ground. Here’s what happen and a list of ways you can protect yourself.  Continue reading

Best Toddler Moment of our Germany Trip – Affenberg Salem

Feeding the Apes in Affenburg

The weather in Germany, with rain showers daily, hasn’t been ideal for touring. Try standing at a bus station with a soaking wet toddler and explaining that the bus still won’t be here for 20 minutes and you’ll understand. When I saw Affenburg Salem, a trail that leads through the home area of about 200 monkeys, on our schedule, I almost skipped it. I wasn’t sure if the train and bus ride would be worth the zoo-like experience, especially in the heavy rain that we were getting that morning. How naive was I? Affenburg is nothing like a zoo and more like being in the Planet of the Apes. It was the best toddler, and mommy, experience of the trip. Having hands-on opportunities like this one give more meaning to travel and are well-worth a few uncomfortable minutes in the rain.  Continue reading

From Community to Family – Teaching in Northern Canada

Fresh out of university, and deep into debt, I made my way north to teach high school English in Norway House, Manitoba. With temperatures in the -40s and -50s, and isolation from family, cities, and most forms of entertainment, I had to be creative with my time and the relationships built with other community members. It was this unique environment that changed community members to friends within a few short weeks and friends to family within the first year. The family that I created while I was there has taught me to live life to the fullest, love and support the people that love and support you, and make the most out of each journey that comes your way.  I look back on my experiences in Norway House, Manitoba with fond memories of icy cold days, holiday celebrations, long drives, learning new things, sharing, dancing, and creating a bond that is unbreakable. Continue reading