Top 10 Favorite Cities Visited – #10 London – United Kingdom

Top 10 Favorite Cities Visited

With 33 countries under my belt, I’ve experienced some of the most amazing cities that the world has to offer. From great beaches, climate, friendly people, personal interests, world-famous attractions, architecture, history and culture, there are many different factors that make a city great, let alone top ten!

So… here goes.

#10. London – United Kingdom

Legendary fog isn’t enough to keep Londontown out of the tourist limelight. London is the 2nd most visited city in the world with estimated 14.8 million visitors a year. Continue reading

Oh Shakespeare! How do I Love Thee…

I always dreamt of becoming an actress. I think that is what led me into teaching.
Everyday, I get to step out onto a different kind of stage and my audience is always young and lively. I act out scenarios in several different genres and I get to create my own script. Teaching and acting are explicitly linked. Every school day is another live performance. I hoped that witnessing a Shakespearean play at The Globe Theatre would provide entertainment and education, and I was not disillusioned.

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