Why Being a Travel Writer is Better than Winning the Lotto‏

Newport Coast Villas

As I was flying in first class because of a free upgrade then again when I arrived at Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas to two massive welcome baskets and a schedule of luxury events, it really sunk in; being a travel writer is better than winning the lottery. There are some perks that even money can’t buy and I’d choose this life over winning the lottery. Continue reading

Why Some of the Best Resorts are Difficult to Explore

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Pool

It’s no secret that I love Marriott Vacation Club and the activities that they offer read like a phone book so why is it that I’ve been here at Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas for almost two days and I haven’t spent much time on the property? The answer is simple – they offer the best of both worlds. With endless on-site amenities, I could be here for a month and still not explore all of the possibilities but the off-site activities are equally plentiful. It’s a balancing act between spending time at one of the most beautiful resorts in the world and exploring the surroundings. Some of the best resorts are difficult to explore because they put the world at your finger tips. It’s like giving you Genie-like capabilities for the day. With all of those choices, how do you decide? Continue reading

Better than Christmas Morning – Arriving at Newport Coast Villas

Marriott's Newport Coast Villas #MarriottNCV

Imagine getting in a vehicle, an airplane, falling asleep, and waking up in an entirely different place, a whole new world. That’s what it must feel like for Athena when we travel to new countries or cities. This morning, she woke up at Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas, our home for the next six days. Although it might have been confusing for her, it was the best kind of confusion. The Marketing Manager left us welcome baskets and what was inside was better than Christmas morning. Continue reading

Time to Share – Marriott’s Harbour Lake

After the Warterslide, Marriott Vacation Club

I’d never stayed at a timeshare property. I’d never even visited one. Doesn’t that sound odd since I travel so frequently? I honestly thought that timeshares were for older people and they restricted you to one location indefinitely. How naive is that? But I bet I’m not alone, right? Then, I had the opportunity to visit Marriott’s Harbour Lake and my opinion completely changed. The property offers a maritime theme throughout with a pirate-inspired pool, Florida Falls (an interactive water playground), and a miniature golf course. The activities schedule includes experiences for the entire family with everything from tot music sessions to evening wine tasting socials. The rooms and villas are fresh with bold colors and separate living and dining areas with plenty of room for the extended family. It’s a whole new world of possibilities. Continue reading

Summer Camp for the Entire Family

Mini-Golf at Marriott's Harbour Lake

Located in Orlando, Florida, Marriott’s Harbour Lake is surrounded by the magic and thrill of one of the world’s favorite family vacation destinations, but with hourly activities, pools, board games, mini golf, water fun zones, and sports who wants to leave the property? I’ve gone to theme parks and left frustrated, tired, and stressed and that’s not to mention the financial drain of tickets, parking, dining, and extras. I thought about visiting one of the major parks while in Orlando, Florida but I decided to skip the stress and enjoy the amenities and activities on-site. Marriott’s Harbour Lake is like summer camp for the entire family. Continue reading

What I Learned from Wine Tasting at Marriott’s Harbour Lake


A wine tasting social took place at Marriott’s Harbour Lake this evening at 6 pm. Although I’m here alone, I decided to go solo. I figured that most people vacationing here are regular travelers; that’s why they’re part of a vacation club. I put on a dress, as well as a garbage bag over my head since I forgot my umbrella, and walked to the Den, which is where the social was being hosted. There were a total of 7 people, 5 wines, cheese and crackers, and endless travel conversation. It was an ideal blend.  Continue reading

Let it Rain at Marriott’s Harbour Lake, Florida


The rain was coming down in buckets when I arrived at Marriott’s Harbour Lake, A Marriott Vacation Club Resort, in Orlando, Florida today. I was discouraged. I’m only here for three days; I didn’t want to spend one of them with nothing to do. When I checked in, though, and was handed the resort activity guide, my mood instantly changed. Their guide reads like a phone book. I  took it with me to lunch at The Patio and started planning my mini-vacation. For the next hour, I enjoyed exceptional service and delicious food. Now, the rain has gone and my week is looking brighter.  Continue reading