Similac SimplySmart Bottle

Similac gave me the opportunity to review the Similac Simply Smart Bottle and after trying it out, both Athena and I love it! Finding the right bottle, and the right nipple, makes a difference for Athena’s comfort and enhances feeding time for both of us. Three qualities that make the Similac Simply Smart Bottle the right fit for Athena are: the venting system, the nipple, and easy mix, mixing device. These combined features have addressed the challenges I’ve been facing during feeding including formula flow, bubbles, fussiness, and gas. Continue reading

Just Add Some Cake & the Romance Continues

****The Cake Lingerie Contest is closed. I will announce the winner after I’ve made contact. Thank you to all those who participated and stay tuned for future contests and giveaways.****

Why is it that woman focus so much of their attention on being sexy for Valentine’s Day? If you really want to show your partner that you care, plan a special evening for the weeks that follow the often dreaded V-Day romanticism and expectations, and even pregnant or nursing women can still show off their new-found curves with Cake Lingerie. Everything from Cake is luxurious and vintage, yet I found myself most drawn to the Coconut Ice Plunge Bra. Oh… the detailed pink lace, the feminine black bows, and the fancy black straps make me feel like dancing and the divine combination of versatility and comfort are great for the ever-changing pregnant and nursing figure. This maternity lingerie will leave you feeling confident, beautiful, and sexy! Continue reading

A Piece of Cake – Cake Lingerie

Cake is rich, fun, indulgent, satisfying and delicious! Cake Lingerie embodies these very same emotions. Cake Lingerie is an Australian designer brand, specializing in the creation of luxurious maternity lingerie, nursing bras, sleepwear, and nightwear. Inspired by vintage old-school glamour, Cake intimates are classically styled for timeless appeal and created to exude femininity and elegance. Continue reading

Belabumbum – Growing More Beautiful During and After Pregnancy

It’s the combination of values and creative, feminine styles that make Belabumbum a fantastic maternity line with some of the largest maternity websites and retailers in the United States, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Continue reading

Undercover Mama Camisole Giveaway – December 20th – Last Day

Having comfortable, breathable clothes is very important to me when I start breast feeding, but I don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe just to nurse my baby. I believe nursing bras are a worthy investment and Undercover Mama can turn any shirt into a nursing shirt.

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Worth Its Weight in Gold – Boppy Total Body Pillow

At six months pregnant, I’d become incredibly agitated at night. No matter how tired I was, I just couldn’t get comfortable; when I would wake up in the morning, I would have such severe back pain that I couldn’t stand up. I’d wince and almost cry just walking to the bathroom. I couldn’t imagine surviving another three months with that type of suffering. Then, something completely changed my sleeping world – the Boppy Total Body Pillow. Boppy has become a household name with their signature feeding pillows that offer moms a comfortable way to nurse their baby. They’ve utilized that knowledge and experience to design the Boppy Total Body Pillow, which provides expectant moms comfort and support at night so they can get a good night’s rest. This pillow is the perfect size and shape; unlike a conventional pillow, the Total Body Pillow allows full support for my entire body. From my head, my developing belly, and my legs, this pillow provides the utmost comfort and relief. Continue reading

Family First Aid Kit – Clean it, Fit it & Back to Play!

The thought of my newborn baby girl ever being hurt is hard to even type little lone imagine actually happening. I’m trying to prepare myself for any inevitable accidents that are to come; I’ve recently taken CPR/First Aid and my certification will remain valid as a
top priority. After purchasing several of the major items to prepare for the arrival of my child, I’m starting to think about keeping her healthy, happy, and active. ME4KIDZ offers MEDIBAG, the original kid-friendly first aid kit and I’m happy to find a place for it in my home.

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Sunscreen? Sun Hat? Baby Banz Sunglasses? Check, Check, and Check!

Sunscreen? Sun hat? Baby Banz sunglasses? Check, check, and check! In one of the world’s strongest UV environments, Californian parents need to depend on sunscreen products to protect their baby; after all, they can’t protect themselves. I recently saw Baby Banz sunglasses and they were too cute and useful to pass up. With a rainbow of bright colors, durability, functionality, cost efficiency, and protection from direct and reflected sunlight, I knew they’d be a cute, comfortable accessory. Continue reading

“The Little Nursing Bra that Could” – Bravado Designs!

Although it is a beautiful and a natural experience, I understand that there are joys and challenges as an expecting mother who plans on breastfeeding. I’ve attended an informative breastfeeding class that answered many of my questions, but I’m still filled with wonder, and a little bit of worry, about the process. It’s impossible to feel absolutely
prepared for a delicate, completely dependent newborn, but I’ve found a high quality, comfortable, and stylish nursing bra that will alleviate some of my clothing concerns at least.  The Original Nursing Bra by Bravado Designs has been recommended by Lactation Consultants for over 18 years. After trying out the bra, I’ve noticed several key design features that will be helpful during pregnancy and while nursing.

The Original Nursing Bra is a soft cotton fabric that has a sports-back design. There are no
hooks in the back, which made it comfortable for sleeping and all-day use. The cups unclip at the shoulder and drop down and away from my body so it will provide full breast access; and most importantly, there is a Bra Conversation Kit attached to my bra so it can be easily converted to a regular bra once my nursing journey is complete.

Finding practical products that will be useful before, during, and after pregnancy is extremely difficult, but finding clothing that has continued use is pretty much impossible. The Original Nursing Bra is a great find that will offer me continued support.