They Keep Coming Back for More

Rather than just welcoming us with a smile, the breakfast staff at Hard Rock Vallarta Hard Rock Vallarta greeted us with a warm smile first, then conversation, a hug, a balloon for Athena, and continued kind gestures throughout the meal. I think it’s safe to say that they are officially the friendliest hotel staff I’ve met. kudos to you at Hard Rock Vallarta; you know how to treat your customers/family right.   Continue reading

All of My Favorite Things

Hard Rock VallartaIt’s as if Hard Rock Vallarta asked me what are five of your favorite things at an all-inclusive resort and then added them to the property. Every day I discovered something else that I love and look for in my favorite hotels. From boogie boarding, a huge pool with a swim up bar, and a water slide to an ocean view room and 24-hour room service, Hard Rock Vallarta hit the nail on the head with its services and amenities.  Continue reading

Rockin the Water Slide

After a little bit of encouragement from my husband this evening, I’ve decided to share my Hard Rock Vallarata water slide video. There is nothing graceful or reserved about it, but my enjoyment of the hotel and all of its amenities is obvious.

Watch it tonight because I may have one of those, “What was I thinking” moments tomorrow and take it down. As for now, I’m having the time of my life with my family. Enjoy!

Music credit: Twist and Shout – The Beatles

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A Royal Hideaway in Mexico

The Royal Hideaway Playacar, Mexico does all-inclusive right. This breathtaking, adult-only resort claims a spectacular beach, infinite pools and services, and exquisite suites! Royal Hideaway is a new level of all-inclusive.

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One Year of Travel!

After posting One year of Extreme Adventures, I started to think about the travel that I’ve done in the last year. I’ve been to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bahamas, Mexico (Baja California and Riviera Maya) and Jamaica. I’ve also been to several provinces in Canada such as Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and even more states in the United States like Florida, Alaska, Nevada, and California. I’ve compiled a group of my favorite moments from each country, state, and province. Come along with me on an amazing, unforgettable trip through the last year in travel.

There may not be words to fill in the blanks but the expression on my face accompanied by the surreal surrounding create enough words to fill an entire blog.

Mexico – Rivera Maya Continue reading

Best All-Inclusive Resort in Mexico!

Last March, I visited the Iberostar Paraíso Lindo and I was blown away by the activities, food, beverages, cleanliness, and hospitality offered at such a reasonable price. The beautiful courtyards, the cobblestone walkways, the spectacular white-sand beaches, and the 32,000 square foot spa and shopping center offer richness and elegance. The only other all-inclusive resort that could possibly compare to the Iberostar Paraíso Lindo is the Royal Hideaway at over triple the cost.

With a wave pool, lazy river, swim-up bar, countless pools and restaurants, a fine, white- sand beach, jumping night life, kids’ club, Spanish lessons, dance lessons, aerobics, shooting, archery, basketball, cycling, beach volleyball, billiards, boccia, catamarans, football, gymnastics, kayaking, aqua gym, the scuba clinic, snorkeling, table tennis, tennis and windsurfing all without setting foot outside the hotel, I felt like everything I could ever need in life was at my finger tips.

While walking around the grounds of the resort, it felt like an aquatic paradise. The ocean was refreshing and never-ending; the pools filled the resort and appeared around every corner and the variety of water activities were impressive for any star resort. Continue reading

Vacation in a Foreign Country in Just 2 Hours!

Located 20 minutes south of the border from San Diego, California, the proximity to the border and scenic location between the Pacific Ocean and coastal foothills, makes Rosarito Beach one of the leading towns in Baja California, Mexico.

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Hasta Luego California; Hola Baja, Mexico!

The U.S. Department of State has been issuing traveler alerts since 2008, with wording that becomes stronger with each renewal for crossing into Mexico. So I’m sure you could understand my hesitation to travel, while pregnant, into this unfamiliar territory. Our plan was to head south from Laguna Hills, cross into Tijuana, a necessary evil, and reach our home exchange in Rosarito. Our initial anxiety ran high as we entered the highly talked about and feared Tijuana; although the streets were littered with sketchy people selling bizarre products including both pharmaceutical and  non-pharmaceutical drugs, we never felt threatened. Even most of the prevalent graffiti was basically inoffensive. Crime was not an issue as we made our way to Rosarito or during our three day stay. Not only did I feel comfortable enough to leave our car parked in the street while we enjoyed shopping and exploring, we actually drove the unpaid highways and ventured as far south as La Bufadora. More than 26 million tourists cross this busy border each year to wine, wager, and soak up the sun as well as local culture. Sure, some tourists and locals are going to experience crime, but it is no more than you’d find in LA or any other major city. Go! Enjoy! And experience for yourself how beautiful Baja, Mexico truly is. Continue reading

Dolphin Foot Push a Mexican Vacation Highlight

One of the greatest attractions at Xcaret is the Swim With Dolphins activity.  It was the highlight of my trip, and an experience I’ll remember for a lifetime.  I was actually able to interact with the dolphins in the dolphinarium.

During my swim with the dolphins, my primary interaction was with the adult mother
dolphins. The program included an explanation about the dolphins and a visit to the maternity area to witness the different stages of growth of the offspring. Then, in groups of six, we got into the water to interact with four dolphins, two moths and their offspring. The dolphins performed several activities, with each person individually, such as the kiss, handshake, tail greeting, hug, signs, bar jumping, whirlpool and foot push. The dolphins also do some singing, free diving, and dancing for the group.

My favorite part of the adventure was the foot push where two dolphins pushed my feet, propelling me through the water at such speed that I actually rose out of the water!

After the tour, I bought the video and pictures of my tour. Although it was ridiculously expensive, it was a way to make my memories last forever.