Glimpse of Big Bear & the Drive Back to Orange County

Drive Home from Big Bear

We spent an unforgettable weekend in Big Bear, California enjoying the snow in the mountains. A detailed post will follow shortly (most likely tomorrow) but I wanted to give you a glimpse of Big Bear and the stunning drive home. It’s it dreamy?

Enjoy the Mountain from Lake Arrowhead Resort

Driving a quad with Enjoy the Mountain

I always want to do what scares me. The feeling of accomplishing something I fear is far greater than any drug and the adrenaline lasts for days. Lake Arrowhead Resort works closely with Enjoy the Mountain to offer ATV, quad, side by side, mountain bike, and jeep experiences around Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear, California. Going out on a tour while at the resort was a no-brainer. I have minimal experience driving much else other than a car, making the thought of it thrilling. Driving a quad and a side by side were both part of the plan. I worried that I’d chicken out at the last minute and go the more comfortable route of having someone drive for me, but I pushed the worry out of my mind and went for it. Why not, right?  Continue reading

The Salzburg Hills are Alive

Salzburg, Austria

Have you ever arrived at a destination only to be so surprised by the majestic beauty that you’re at a loss for words? When I walked across the bridge into the heart of Salzburg, I was in shock. Hohensalzburg Fortress hung over the city and was an awakening of the senses. Powerful and grand from a distance, the Hohensalzburg Fortress is a real eye-catcher on the high baroque towers of the city. With bells literally ringing, I stared up at the fortress walls in awe. I had to go up!

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