2,459 Miles Away – Again

It takes time to decorate a 4 bedroom house, especially when you’re moving from a 2 bedroom apartment. After 7 months, we finished the major decorating and painting projects. Our house is now reflective of our personality and lifestyle, and just in time for another move. Here’s a tour:

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Gentle Giant – A Good Run for the Money

In California, a moving company packed my household items and the service was completely acceptable. They did their job and worked for their money, especially considering we were on the 3rd floor of a condo community. They were friendly and packed most of my furniture safely in the truck. I wasn’t disappointed with the service but there was nothing noteworthy of their performance either. Since it was the first time I used a moving company, I thought that the performance in California was typical. I expected the same when I arrived in Charlotte, but what I received was nothing short of perfection.  Gentle Giant Moving Company provided a finely tuned moving experience from the first conversation on the phone to the end of unloading the truck. They’ve completely changed my view on moving companies and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the stress and worry of moving myself. Continue reading

Hire a Helper; Avoid the Stress

Darren and I, combined, have moved over 40 times in our adult lives. We completed the overwhelming process of finding boxes, packing, hauling furniture and household items down stairs, making everything fit just right in the truck, and unloading at the other end. Then, as if that’s not enough, we’d unpack everything and try to make it fit in the new location. It’s enough to make you want to settle into one place and never move another object again. This move was different; with a newborn, we had no intention of doing all of the heavy lifting or moving ourselves. If we were moving in our home towns of Moncton, New Brunswick or Sydney, Nova Scotia we would know all of the local companies and pick one based on people we knew or referrals from our friends. In California, that opportunity didn’t exist for us. We didn’t know one company from the next and scouring the internet for reviews seemed almost as mind-boggling as moving ourselves; then I found HireAHelper and it was the answer to our prayers. They offer up-front pricing, lots of service providers, real customer reviews, and customer service. I easily reviewed all of the possible options in my area and narrowed it down based on reviews and rates. It was fast and easy, leaving me with more time to play with Athena. Continue reading

Venturing Across America

Interstate 40 (I-40) is the 3rd longest major east-west Interstate Highway in the United States, after I-90 and I-80. Its western end is at Interstate 15 in Barstow, California; its U-Hauleastern end is at a concurrency of U.S. Route 117 and North Carolina Highway 132 in Wilmington, North Carolina.  We, essentially, covered every state included on the I-40 in our move from California to North Carolina and we did it with a two month old. After 41 hours of driving, we arrived at our new home in Charlotte, but it wasn’t without its tedious moments. Boredom knows no limits when you are staring at the highway for roughly 12 hours a day. We needed to find something to do; we needed to come up with a game that lasted more than ten minutes or didn’t make us want to kill each other. The U-Haul Supergraphics provided us with hours of entertainment and forced us to remain focused on the road. It was the perfect way to pass the time since the game was never-ending. Continue reading

Across the Continent Move Made Easy – New Brunswick to California

Life in eastern Canada was simple and connected. Teaching high school English in Moncton, New Brunswick was a challenging yet rewarding experience. I loved my students and my co-workers, some more than others of course, and the benefits of being a full-time, pension-receiving teacher who enjoys stress free summers and all of the holidays are ample to say the least. The short, two hour drive to see my family was a breeze and made “family time” a regular event. My boyfriend, now husband, Darren, was more than I ever thought possible in a man other than my grandfather and he made me see how beautiful life can be. His IT position allowed him to work from home and give us the quality time that I always desired. We’d traveled to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Florida, and the Bahamas during my summer vacation and he worked during the day from the hotel rooms. We owned a house, we finally paid off our cars, and we spent our evenings walking in the park where we first met.; but there was one thing missing – the sunshine! New Brunswick is not a frozen tundra with 24 hours of darkness, snow, ice, and cold. It has gorgeous summers with light winds that make for a spectacular day sailing or boogie boarding in the Atlantic Ocean, but was that enough? Two months of sunshine followed by a cold, dreary season of extended winter was not my idea of a dream location. I was living a beautiful life and I wasn’t willing to settle for anything else, including my environment.

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