QuintEvents: Doing Sporting Events the Bucket List Way

Every year, my bucket list gets more and more unrealistic; it has to since I’ve already been able to cross off such adventures as flying aQuintEvents jet pack, swimming with whale sharks, and traveling to 35 countries. Last year’s focus was aerial feats such as aerobatics in a biplane, piloting a helicopter, and skydiving (again). This year I wanted to have a focus, but it had to be new and push the limits; after all, what’s the point of a bucket list? I found a company called QuintEvents and they were the answer to my huge bucket list dreams for 2013. Sports have influenced my life since I was a child. I played basketball, volleyball, and baseball from the age of 3. Then, as a young adult, I started coaching basketball, volleyball, soccer, field hockey, and even dragon boat racing. I’m surprised it took me this long to include sporting events on my yearly list, but this year they’ve found their place in a big way. QuintEvents are the experts for creating sports and entertainment experience packages that will be remembered for a lifetime. They are the only event company with Official Relationships with 6 of the world’s most prestigious event organizers! Rather than just attending an NBA game, I included a QuintEvents package on my list. They did NBA All-Star 2013 in true bucket list style and I’m already dreaming about my next QuintEvents experience. Continue reading

I Couldn’t Even Dream of This

Yesterday was a whirlwind NBA bucket list day. I did so much in one day that I don’t reallyNBA All-Star 2013 know where to begin. I have enough video footage and photos to post for a month. I’d like to share the best, most overwhelming moments with you but how do you condense 1440 dream-like minutes into one post? I guess there were a few particular moments before the game that made me say, “I couldn’t even dream of this.” Let’s begin there. Continue reading

Terrence Ross Wins the Slam Dunk Contest

What an amazing night! The 2013 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest was unbelievable. I’m NBA All-Star 2013hooked! I’ve never been to a lot of professional sporting events so my only real knowledge of it was what I saw on tv, but you can’t compare the experience of actually being immersed in the environment to sitting at home on your couch. The energy, the people, the comments, the vibe from the crowd of thousands is overwhelming. Combine that with some serious dunks from the best of the best and you have a situation where being awake is better than your wildest dreams. Continue reading