Always Amazes Me – Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Today is my last day in Cape Breton. The view outside of my window at Highland Heights Highland Heights Inn, Cape BretonInn is reflective of my mood; there is overcast with a hint of the morning sun beaming out from off in the distance. I’ll miss my sisters and brothers and my parents, including my grandparents. They bring so much happiness into my life that my heart is full. It can never be considered a bad day when I get to return to my new home and be with my husband, and my daughter, but that sinking feeling that comes when you know you are going to miss your family dearly has arrived and is in full force. As the sun comes up and brightens my day, I am reminded of all that learned by acting as a tourist in Cape Breton. Continue reading

Two Rivers Diverged into the Wildlife

With over 50 species of native and non-native animals and birds, a petting zoo, hiking and cross-country ski trails,Two Rivers Wildlife Park Cape Breton, Nova Scotia wagon and sleigh rides, a “U-fish” pond, and a children’s playground, Two Rivers Wildlife Park is one of my favorite place to go with my brother and sister, and now Athena, when I’m in Cape Breton. Two Rivers Wildlife Park offers a unique experience to everyone from the avid nature lover to the casual observer. The petting zoo still holds my attention even in adulthood and we can’t help but smile at the otters as they splash and play in their habitat. It may be a little difficult to find, but two roads, and rivers, diverge into the wildlife and we’ve made them the path to be followed. Continue reading