Pumping Up our Outdoor Fun with a Sevylor Fiji Kayak

Sevylor Fiji Kayak

We came up with a list of outdoor gear that would make our life in California dreamlike and a Sevylor kayak was the first thing that made the list. Luckily, Sevylor was kind enough to send us a Sevylor® Fiji™ 2-Person Kayak and a pump for review. Most days, We made our way to the beach to check it out and we can see using it at least weekly for outdoor, family-fun.  Continue reading

The World is at My Doorstep

Third Rock Fire Pit Art

When I’m responding to other travelers, I usually sign off with, “May the world be at your doorstep” and a few days ago it arrived at mine. Continue reading

Ultimate Hiking Gear

Some gear is just too good to pass up!

Sherpa Resham 3-Layer Jacket

Built to deflect wind and rain, the Resham Jacket is one streamlined, high-performance piece of equipment. The fabric is an ultra-light, 3-layer polyurethane laminate that’s both waterproof and breathable. Every seam is sealed for durable water repellency. And when you need to ventilate your core on the ascent, unzip the front hand pockets – they’re lined in mesh. The collar is extra tall for maximum face coverage, and the hood adjusts around the face via interior front pulls; volume control is done via a device at the back of the head ($199;http://www.sherpaadventuregear.com).

*Sherpa Adventure Gear manufacturers 80% of their products in Nepal with a local workforce to support the local economy. They also employ actual Sherpas as brand ambassadors who use and test the products in the Himalayas. In short, the great Sherpas of Nepal are directly-benefited by the success of Sherpa AG.With a flagship store in Katmandu, Sherpa AG promotes the use of their products to all climbers and locals alike — offering jobs and opportunities for Sherpas and their families. Continue reading

What Makes the Perfect Grill? The Napoleon Prestige 308 Grill

Living in southern California has its advantages. We can head to the beach almost all 365
days a year; we have “bad weather” days that consist of a little bit of rain and possibly winds; mosquitoes, those nasty little flies that bite and constantly buzz around lurking and waiting for their moment of attack, are a thing of the past; and every evening can be an “outdoor” event, which makes grilling, or barbecuing as eastern Canadians more often refer to it as, a necessity.

Grilling has always appeared to me as a manly activity and I never put much thought into cooking on the grill. Darren would happily attend to the grill regularly while we were living in New Brunswick and it never crossed my mind to participate, other than passing him the huge barbecue utensils and eating the food that he prepared. Then, one evening a few months ago, we stayed at a resort in Laguna Beach and they had a grill on the patio. As a new experience for my husband and I, I suggested that we grill together. I’m not sure what possessed me to mess with the perfect situation where he would do any grilling and I would hang out in the house waiting for my dinner, but the process of it all, that seemed to excite most men, intrigued me. The Napoleon Prestige P308RB Grill offered a cooking experience as gratifying as the wonderful meal we created, and that was it; I had to own my own Napoleon Grill! Continue reading