Pool Fun at DoubleTree Golf Resort in Palm Springs

Suite view at DoubleTree Golf Resort in Palm Springs

When we arrived at DoubleTree Golf Resort in Palm Springs and pulled back the curtains in our room to a massive pool with a stunning view, we had our bathing suits on before we could count to ten. The temperature was 88 degrees and the sun was making everything shimmery. It was our version of a dream and we were happy to enjoy it.  Continue reading

Palm Springs Aerial Tram – The Best View of the Desert

Our only Saturday morning goal in Palm Springs, CA was to rise 8,516 feet aboard the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and take in the breathtaking journey above the sheer cliffs of Chino Canyon.

We begin the 12 minute ride at the Valley Station, elevation 2,643 feet, by way of the largest rotating aerial tramway in the world. The tram swayed when we passed over each tower and it was fun… at first. It took about four minutes of  spectacular 360 degree views and the floor spinning slowly to remind me that morning sickness and motion sickness are not a thing of the past. As the spinning quickened and excessive heat flushed over my face and body, I knew that I either needed to proudly sit down and announce that I’m pregnant or pass out and chance getting hurt. Well… the view from the floor was just as breathtaking and others not only seemed to understand but offered their sympathies. Continue reading

Soak up the Perfect Blend of Relaxation and Outdoor Enjoyment in a Desert Paradise – Palm Springs, California

Nestled at the base of the majestic Mount San Jacinto, Palm Springs is a world-famous resort destination. Ever since movie stars first appeared in Palm Springs in the 1930s, laying claim to ranch estates and enjoying fancy hotels, the clean, dry air and sunshine, all 360 days a year of it, has made Palm Springs irresistible. In search of a calm, relaxing, intimate hideaway, we found Sundance Villas. Tucked away in a secluded location, Sundance Villas provided an exquisite villa with complete privacy and luxury. With stunning natural beauty and lodging as unique as the destination, Palm Springs was an oasis in the desert. Continue reading