Pursuing Passion through Handcrafted Travel Art

Inspiration Ingrained Travel Map

We recently bought a house in California. I never thought we’d be able to make it a reality but I’m typing from my new home in Aliso Viejo. It’s just 7 minutes from the beach and currently 81 degrees at 9:45 am on October 12th. We continue to pursue our passions and push the limits of reality. My wanderlust is no secret and we’ve been filling our new home with inspiration from around the world and personal DIY projects that reflect our personally and interests. I will still travel as much and as often as humanly possible, but it’s nice to come home to SoCal especially when I bring the world home with me. I found the perfect piece of art to add to our decor. My Inspiration Ingrained world map inspires my passion for travel from home. Continue reading

What’s Left for Your 2012 Bucket List?

Each year, I create a bucket list; there are way too many things I want to accomplish in myFlight Lessons California life to create just one never-ending, overwhelming list. By writing a new list every year, I have more direction and motivation to implement my perfect life. I spend hours envisioning what I want to accomplish, what’s possible, and what’s maybe a little impossible, and then I find ways to make it happen. Not everyone has a bucket list, but we all have things we want to accomplish this year. Stop! Take two minutes to write down 5 things you want to accomplish before the end of 2012. Now, share them in a comment below! If it is written, you can make it happen! We can all have our dreams come true! Share them with me, share them with others, and watch them happen.  Continue reading

We Need Love, but We Crave Romance

Sometimes men want to be more romantic; they want to show just how much they really care, how much passion they really feel, how much their partner means to them, but it just doesn’t come naturally. Sure, they could buy some roses and yes they could bring home chocolates or a bottle of wine but what about women, like me, who see flowers as a waste of money because they quickly wither and die, who don’t drink wine because it doesn’t satisfy their taste buds (or because they are pregnant), and who see chocolates as less-than-worthy  notches in their belts? I have more love in my relationship than I ever thought possible and I need it like I need food and water, but romance is like Rice Krispies; I crave them; I long for them; I want them to be part of my major food groups. Continue reading