Making Videos with GoPro Studio

Hilton Waikoloa, Hawaii

We have been shooting tons of video footage over the last few years, but it’s been wasting away on a hard drive, unseen and unedited. GoPro Studio is a quick and easy solution to the problem. We’ve gone through a few of our trips and used the GoPro Studio Templates to create short video reminders of the fun we’ve been having.  Continue reading

The Star Treatment at Doro Nawas Camp, Namibia

Doro Nawas Camp, Namibia

Doro Nawas Camp, situated on a rugged, rocky hill on the edge of the dry Aba Huab River, rolled out the green carpet for us! From the accommodations to the dining to the daily activities, Doro Nawas Camp left me starstruck. Continue reading

My Fijian Dream – Accommodations

Fiji Resorts

A wonderful aspect of visiting Fiji is the variety of accommodations that match the diverse needs of travelers. Whether you’re looking for luxury or budget, adventure or relaxation, family-friendly or adult-only, you can find it all in Fiji. Matangi Private Island Resort offers royal luxury in an adult setting. Garden Island Resort is littered with lusciousness and comfort; Castaway Island, Fiji is a dreamland with white sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and crystal clear waters; Outrigger on the Lagoon perfectly blends family focus with the option for an adult retreat; and Uprising Beach Resort is at the heart of adventure and mixes affordability with extravagance. Discover Fiji through its varied beauty and accommodations.

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Skydiving Adventure Package Winner!

Chanel of Photography + Science = Chanel won the Skydiving Adventure Package with Bucket List Publications and Skydive San Diego. With over 700 social mentions including Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and inShare, she will receive a tandem skydiving adventure with deluxe video and stills from Skydive San Diego.

Her tandem skydive adventure includes:

Pre-jump instructional class
One tandem jump harnessed to a professional Instructor
A scenic 5 to 7 minute parachute flight
A First Jump Certificate
Deluxe Video and Stills.

Congratulations Chanel! The creators of Bucket List Publications wish you the adventure of a lifetime. 

Remember to submit your bucket list by following the instructions at: Maybe you could be the next bucket list adventure recipient. Brian of BC, Canada went heli skiing on March 9th thanks to Bucket List Publications and Selkirk Tangiers. He and a guest received three nights at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, two days skiing including life tickets and equipment, and one day heli skiing with Selkirk Tangiers

Stay tuned for photos and videos from Chanel’s skydiving adventure.

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Holy Moments from an Unholy Disaster

Featured Writer: Marilyn Gardner

I am the first to admit that given the choice of a 5 star hotel or camping I will pick a 5 star hotel.  I tell friends that anyone who grew up in the developing world with a commode for a toilet and one bath a week would appreciate my love of luxury so it was with some surprise that I found myself so eager to work in flood relief in Pakistan.

When I first heard news of the floods that began to spread their strength and turmoil in various parts of Pakistan in August of 2010, I felt sadness that was somewhat distant and removed.  Raised as an American in Pakistanwith the call to prayer as my alarm clock it was my childhood love and home, but as an adult I have been more connected to the Middle East through work and travel.  My memories of Pakistan are primarily relegated to occasional emails from friends and to those moments on the subway when I close my eyes and the rhythmic movement transports me back to the Pakistani trains of my childhood.   That changed when I saw a picture in the New York Times of the city of Jacobabad under flood waters. Continue reading

3 First (Worst) Teaching Days – #2 – Norway House, Manitoba – Anyone Up for a Hospital Visit?

3 First (Worst) Teaching Days

As a teacher for over 8 years and in various schools around the country, my journey was filled with happiness, laughter, fear, nervousness and countless other emotions, often at the same time. Students have a unique way of touching your heart, driving you completely insane, and making you proud all at once. The first day of the school year can often set the tone for the entire year. It can be a stressful day naturally, but when you add a first day curse things can get out of hand. I’ve experienced the craziest first days during my career; including no heat over night in -50 degrees, going to the hospital with a concussion, and not making it to work because of a freak storm disaster. They are powerful enough to make you question entering the teaching profession altogether. Follow me on my first days of disaster and teaching.

#2 – Norway House, Manitoba – Anyone Up for a Hospital Visit?
I arrived in Norway House, Manitoba just early enough to catch the local flu bug that was going around. The day before school started, I was sick and miserable with few options. It was the the first day of school so I wasn’t exactly going to call in sick. I woke up that morning with watery eyes, a churning stomach, and a pounding head. The thought of a first day curse crossed my mind after my experience in Shefferville, Quebec but I quickly diminished it and went about planning my day. My first strategy was to eat as little as possible before heading to work. I had been throwing up everything that went into my stomach and I wasn’t prepared to vomit on one of my students. My second goal was to dress in warm clothing since I suffered from chills for two days. I assumed it would keep my body temperature at an even rate for the day and I could take off the top layer if I was too hot. Finally, I was going to arrive early, although this wasn’t exactly because of being sick since my idea of being on time is an hour early anyway, to settle in to my classroom and prepare for the day. I wanted to create as little interruption as possible so I made this plan of action, but it turned out to be a long list of disastrous choices.

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The Kindness of Others

Blogging has made such as impact on my life and I’ve only been doing it for three months. I’ve been introduced to the world through reading other blogs, adventures, and views. I’ve become acquaintances with mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, teachers, elderly, and children who have touched my heart and warmed my soul. Today, I received a message that has made such an impact on me that I though I would re-post it along with my response:

“Miss Lesley~

You’re my hero! Noticed you gave me a thumbs up on my blog…which led me to you! Whatta treat to read about your amazing adventures…you rock! I plan on being you in my next lifetime. Figure a gal who can eat a entire mega burger has gotta be a pretty cool chick!

Congrats on the baby, that will be your greatest adventure ever! I would love to gift you a print for the nursery (I’m an artist who adores whimsical positive images). Just click to my site and pick out whatever calls to you and the babe. It will arrive will a loving prayer attached…..consider it “angel mail”.

Keep living life to the fullest and making us smile out here!



P.S. I subscribed to your blog…I’m sure you’ll hit 5,000 peeps before you know it. Woo Who!!” Continue reading

I AMSTERDAM – A Little Something Extra!

If you walk down the main street of any city, you will see rows of shops and lots of people window shopping. It is exactly the same in Amsterdam, but the shop signs are preceded by the word “coffee” and the people are window shopping for prostitutes. Amsterdam is a magical place. It can be anything you want it to be depending on what drugs you are willing to take.

We arrived in Amsterdam like we arrived in most other countries. We had no place to stay and no prospects. We walked across the street from the train station and saw at least ten hotels on one block. There were lots of choices and we slowly made our decision.  Continue reading