Hawk Eye II Pilotur Watch Winner

Pilotur Watch in Antarctica

Watches worth over $500, heli-skiing weekends at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, spa packages, tickets to ballets, amusement parks, and concerts, weekend getaways, airline tickets to Fiji… these are all things we gave away on Bucket List Publications as a thank you to our readers. Our most recent giveaway was a Hawk Eye II Pilotur watch. The winner, JohnRH, is a long-time reader and I’m proud to say his prize is in the mail. Stay tuned for other great giveaways and contests on Bucket List Publications.  Continue reading

Win a Hawk Eye II Pilotur Watch As a Thanks for Reading

At the Helm on Bark Europa

My greatest travel adventure yet was sailing for 22 days to Antarctica as part of the crew on Bark Europa. I don’t imagine any traveling adventure will ever be greater, although I will continue to try and match it. The trip was made possible by three fantastic sponsors including Bark Europa, Whitecaps Marine Outfitters, and Pilotur. As a thank you for reading and following along, I’d like to give you a change to win your own Hawk Eye II Pilotur watch. You can read all about the fantastic features hereContinue reading

What’s In Store For Me on Bark Europa & In Antarctica

Bark Europa from Above

2014 was a kick-a** year! I visited 12 new countries, I finally crossed off an African Safari and scuba diving, and I completed every item on my 2014 list. Somehow, I think 2015 is going to be better. Is it possible? Who knows? I’m certainly going to try and to start the year off right, I’m sailing to Antarctica with Bark Europa. I will visit the last two continents that I haven’t set foot on, Antarctica and South America, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Continue reading