Bring on the Water Sports at Pink Shell Resort

This week has been all about Athena. Splashing in the pool, building sandcastles, strolling Pink Shell Resort Water Sportsdown the beach, meeting other babies, and playing toddler games consumed our days and filled my heart with joy. Today, our last day at Pink Shell Resort, though, I had to test out the water sports. Every day when I walked by the water bikes, the kayaks, the paddle boards, the jet skis, and the Hobie Cats they called my name. We used Darren’s lunch break today to give into temptation and give them a spin.  Continue reading

The Sun was Setting

Every second of the day since arriving at Pink Shell Resort in Fort Myers, Florida has been about spending time with Athena, but in the evening, when she’s already in dreamland, Darren and I watch the sunset from the balcony. Each night, it has been completely different yet postcard perfect every time.

Which one is your favorite? 1? 2? 3? 4? or 5? Do you prefer the yellows, blues, or pinks?

Sunset from Pink Shell Resort

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Pink Shell Resort Water Babies

Success! Athena and I spent the entire day playing in the pool at Pink Shell Beach ResortPink Shell Resort PoolWe did absolutely nothing else, and it was spectacular. The sun was beaming overhead casting a ray of light on our day. The breeze was strong enough to keep us cool and the water was refreshing without making us cold. It was the perfect combination to allow us to stay in the pool for hours. We finally called it a day when our fingers and toes were wrinkly prunes and even then Athena tried to get a few mores minutes out of me.

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Kick Off Your Shoes & Play in the Sand

82 °F and a slight breeze… the perfect temperature for making sandcastles. Today, Pink Shell Resort, Fort MyersAthena and I had one goal – to kick off our shoes and get down to making sandcastles. (Well, that was my goal. Athena’s goal was to sneak in a bite of a seashell any time I wasn’t looking but it fit nicely with my sandcastle goal so she went along.) This week is all about soaking up Athena time and she loves the sand so that’s where we spent our day.

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