The Best Travel Accessories

Add these travel accessories to your packing list for a simpler, more pleasant journey. With the right gear, the world is your oyster.

Ultimatesafe 32L: The world’s most secure backpack. 

The award-winning Ultimatesafe 32L anti-theft adventure travel pack not only meets international maximum carry-on standards, it’s ideal for long weekends away and is large enough to store all your gear.The covert built-in stainless steel wire cage can be locked closed and to a fixed object, providing the ultimate protection against thieves. A special blocking material prevents high tech identity thieves from downloading and stealing personal information stored on your passport and credit cards. The shoulder strap is reinforced with stainless steel wire which prevents it being easily cut so that the bag can’t be easily taken. The shoulder strap also has a releasable security hook at one end that allows you to attach the strap to a fixture, to stop thieves from easily walking off with your bag.  With slash-proof steel wire sewn into the bag and straps, tamper-proof zippers, and an RFID pocket that blocks electronic theft of your credit card and passport info, the UltimateSafe 32L is a thief’s worst nightmare. It includes a removable, wire-reinforced 20L TravelSafe storage bag for locking valuables in your hotel room, and a removable, padded laptop sleeve. Travel with confidence and relax knowing your gear is secure. Continue reading

The Grab-And-Go Kayak – Sevylor QuikPak K5 Inflatable Kayak

We moved to southern California for the year-round sunshine, Pacific Ocean beachfront activities, and unlimited opportunities for adventure, but with two cars and no access to a truck or SUV it can be difficult hauling sports equipment to the beach or local hot spots. Our first purchase, before we even owned a couch, was a surf board. We needed something large since we were beginner, or worse, surfers and hauling around the board proved to be a difficult task let alone getting it strapped to the car. Now that I’m pregnant, surfing is out for a few months but I miss the ocean terribly. I needed an activity where I could still be on the water but I didn’t need to worry about causing stress on the baby. I want to cruise the Pacific Ocean in comfort without hauling along a huge surfboard, paddleboard, or full-size kayak. The Sevylor QuikPak K5 inflatable, backpack kayak is the grab-and-go kayak. Portable and lightweight with an integrated backpack storage system, the QuikPak easily folds up into a backpack and fits into the backseat or truck of our car. Darren can easily transport both kayaks and we can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the marina without worrying about transporting or carrying the kayaks. Gone are the days of longing to be on the water! With the QuikPak, I can still enjoy the Pacific Ocean at my own, pregnant pace.   Then, when our precious cargo arrives, we still have top-of-the-line, durable, portable kayaks; it’s the best of both worlds. Continue reading