They Keep Coming Back for More

Rather than just welcoming us with a smile, the breakfast staff at Hard Rock Vallarta Hard Rock Vallarta greeted us with a warm smile first, then conversation, a hug, a balloon for Athena, and continued kind gestures throughout the meal. I think it’s safe to say that they are officially the friendliest hotel staff I’ve met. kudos to you at Hard Rock Vallarta; you know how to treat your customers/family right.   Continue reading

All of My Favorite Things

Hard Rock VallartaIt’s as if Hard Rock Vallarta asked me what are five of your favorite things at an all-inclusive resort and then added them to the property. Every day I discovered something else that I love and look for in my favorite hotels. From boogie boarding, a huge pool with a swim up bar, and a water slide to an ocean view room and 24-hour room service, Hard Rock Vallarta hit the nail on the head with its services and amenities.  Continue reading

Nailed It… Darren’s Turn On the Slide

Darren didn’t go down the slide quite as quickly as I did, but speed it up and add the Benny Hill Theme Song and you have something worth viewing. It’s a good laugh if nothing else. We’re obviously having the time of our lives at Hard Rock Vallarta.

Who do you think rocked it better?

Rockin the Water Slide

After a little bit of encouragement from my husband this evening, I’ve decided to share my Hard Rock Vallarata water slide video. There is nothing graceful or reserved about it, but my enjoyment of the hotel and all of its amenities is obvious.

Watch it tonight because I may have one of those, “What was I thinking” moments tomorrow and take it down. As for now, I’m having the time of my life with my family. Enjoy!

Music credit: Twist and Shout – The Beatles

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Would You Like a Tour?

This week we’ve escaped to Hard Rock Vallarta and we continue to be pleasantly Hard Rock Vallartasurprised the more we explore the grounds. Would you like a tour? Join us for a spectacular visit to the endless luxury around every corner. This is the Hard Rock lifestyle.  Continue reading

I Want to Be a Rockstar! Well… the Family Kind

In a few hours, we were able to get more family time in at Hard Rock Hotel Vallarata thanHard Rock Vallarta an entire week at home. We arrived at the Hard Rock at 1:20 pm today and we already enjoyed lunch and dinner together, went for a swim in the pool, walked along the beach, and relaxed on the balcony. Now that Athena has gone to bed, we’re hanging out in the room with a handful of drinks and unlimited room service. I think we’re in for a great week! Continue reading