Why Go on WoodWind’s Snorkel Tour When You Can’t Swim?

Woodwind Cruises Bonaire

I met a lady the other day who went on a snorkeling tour with Woodwind Cruises in Bonaire when she couldn’t swim. Why the heck would she do such a thing? Who would want to go on an ocean, snorkeling tour when they couldn’t swim? Someone in love. This lady, a beautiful, young, vibrant woman, was in love with a handsome, but older, man who obviously adored her. They kissed and caressed each other on the sailboat like two teenagers. (Not in an annoying, “stop it” way, but in a jealous, romantic, playful way that all woman desire.) When I asked her if she was excited to snorkel, she said, “I’m nervous because I can’t swim very well.” I immediately judged, like others who judge me for traveling or not traveling with a toddler, and wondered what the heck she was doing on the boat. She continued, “My partner loves to be in the ocean and always wanted to visit Bonaire. It was time I did it to see his precious smile and bring him joy.” I almost started to cry and I understood why someone would go on an ocean snorkel tour when they can’t swim. Love changes us and makes us powerful, courageous, and fearless. Continue reading

Just Add Some Cake & the Romance Continues

****The Cake Lingerie Contest is closed. I will announce the winner after I’ve made contact. Thank you to all those who participated and stay tuned for future contests and giveaways.****

Why is it that woman focus so much of their attention on being sexy for Valentine’s Day? If you really want to show your partner that you care, plan a special evening for the weeks that follow the often dreaded V-Day romanticism and expectations, and even pregnant or nursing women can still show off their new-found curves with Cake Lingerie. Everything from Cake is luxurious and vintage, yet I found myself most drawn to the Coconut Ice Plunge Bra. Oh… the detailed pink lace, the feminine black bows, and the fancy black straps make me feel like dancing and the divine combination of versatility and comfort are great for the ever-changing pregnant and nursing figure. This maternity lingerie will leave you feeling confident, beautiful, and sexy! Continue reading

We Need Love, but We Crave Romance

Sometimes men want to be more romantic; they want to show just how much they really care, how much passion they really feel, how much their partner means to them, but it just doesn’t come naturally. Sure, they could buy some roses and yes they could bring home chocolates or a bottle of wine but what about women, like me, who see flowers as a waste of money because they quickly wither and die, who don’t drink wine because it doesn’t satisfy their taste buds (or because they are pregnant), and who see chocolates as less-than-worthy  notches in their belts? I have more love in my relationship than I ever thought possible and I need it like I need food and water, but romance is like Rice Krispies; I crave them; I long for them; I want them to be part of my major food groups. Continue reading

Gondola Ride – Venetian Resort, Vegas

An authentic gondola ride from a Sicilian at The Venetian, Las Vegas is a truly romantic experience. I only wish I had of recorded his Italian serenade to us. From the soothing sound of water lapping the sides of the gondola to the eloquent singing of the gondolier, we felt as if we had been transported to Italy.

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