Wander Lust – Why We Love to Travel

Guest Writer: Mike BondSaving Paradise

I love Mike’s philosophy on travel, life, and adventure. His new book, Saving Paradise, has reminded me why Hawaii is still at the top of my bucket list. Below, he explains his wanderlust and why he wrote Saving Paradise. His passion is reflective of my own and I’ve found a new friend in travel writing.  Continue reading

Why Saving Paradise

I recently read a novel called Saving Paradise that I really enjoyed so I spoke with the Saving Paradiseauthor about why he wrote it and if it had a “bucket list” impact on his life. His passion and commitment to Saving Paradise was both inspirational and bucket list related; it’s definitely worth sharing with you.

Featured writer: Mike Bond

I wrote SAVING PARADISE to help save one of the most beautiful places on earth – Molokai. Unknown to most folks but rated by National Geographic as the world’s sixth most beautiful island, it is, as I say in SAVING PARADISE, “much more beautiful than that.” Continue reading