Accepting Defeat or Recognizing Greatness

Bucket List Collage

50 unbelievable items spanning 10 countries with extreme adventures and spectacular experiences; that’s my 2013 bucket list. In 11 months, I’ve accomplished great feats and pushed my limits past the edge. But… I have one item left on this year’s list that I’m not sure I’ll cross off. Should I accept defeat or recognize the greatness in my accomplishments? I choose greatness! Continue reading

What’s Next? 67,105 Miles

Distance around the world = 24,901 miles

Dead Sea, Jordan

Distance I’ll be traveling in the next 4 months:
Curacao – 3,511 miles
New Brunswick – 2,656 miles
Colorado – 1,628 miles
Marseille, France – 8,350 miles
Turkey – 11,154 miles
Hawaii – 9,340 miles
Israel – 12,340 miles
South Africa – 15,950 miles
St. Kitts – 2,176 miles
total = 67,105 miles

That’s 2.69 times around the world in 4 months! Continue reading

Can I Make it Happen?

This year I was completely out of my mind when I posted my 2013 Bucket List. I’m sitting My Jordan Journeyhere shaking my head at the thought of accomplishing all 50 items before the end of the year. While I’m well on my way with half of the items already checked off, I’m starting to worry about a few lingering ones. People ask me, however, if I feel defeated if I don’t accomplish everything on my yearly list, but my answer is always the same – never! Having a yearly list is constant encouragement to live every single day and every last second as a bucket list day. Life, after all, is worth living. So what’s left on the list? Can I make it all a reality? Stick with me over the next few months and lets see how it all unfolds. What’s the plan? Check it out below. Continue reading

154 Votes in One Day – You Rock!

Bucket List ContestMy first day in the Biggest Baddest Bucket List competition ended with 154 votes! Thank you to everyone
who voted! Remember you get a vote on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Stumble, and Pinterest. Just follow the blue link and click the buttons next to the video. Continue reading

Inspirational Sources for Travel & Adventure

Being able to explore new countries, cultures, and adventures is a dream come true. At Travel Collage32, I’ve visited 35 countries and participated in countless extreme adventures that I thought only existed in movies and dreams. I mean, who actually pilots a jet pack or a fighter jet? Who jumps from an airplane, rides in a hot air balloon, performs aerobatics in a biplane, and swims with whale sharks all in the same weekend? Bucket List Publications isn’t just a blog or a website; it has helped me live in a dream world. It has made my daily life better than my wildest imagination. Sometimes it’s exhausting just trying to think up my next big vacation or adventure. My imagination/dreams, fellow travel/adventure bloggers, social media, and Great American Days are my go-to sources that support my travel and adventure lifestyle. Continue reading

My 2013 Bucket List Is Just Around the Corner

What a year! 2012 was one of the best years of my life. I gave birth to the most beautiful Adventure Fijibaby girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on; I participated in a series of extreme adventures that sound like made-up events from a super hero movie; I spent time with everyone in my family; I traveled to new and exotic places; and I’ve experienced great success with blogging. My 2013 list is not complete and I’m searching for suggestions. What do you think should make the 2013 list?  Continue reading

What is the Best Country for Adventure Travel?

I live for adventure travel! The thought of it consumes my life. Whenever I visit a new country, I search for the best adventure that they offer. Traveling and extremes have encompassed my life for 30 years; from white-water rafting and ziplining in Costa Rica, skydiving and base jumping in Switzerland, paragliding, helicopter flight lessons, jet pack flying, biplane flying, and glider flying in California, bungee jumping in Alberta, rock climbing, caving, and rappeling in New Brunswick, dog sledding and helicopter touring in Alaska, boogie boarding in Nova Scotia, and swimming with dolphins in Mexico, I’ve tried every “bucket list” adventure I could imagine. My wedding day in Jamaica even included a little bit of rock climbing followed by a trapeze act in my gown. I’ve been to 34 countries and I have no intentions of stopping there. Following my dreams and living life to the fullest has taught me that the world is full of endless possibilities and I share that with my readers.

But have a visited the most adventurous country or is there somewhere I need to add to my adventure travel bucket list? With a substantial amount of travel followers, I’m sure you can help me decide.