Super Bowl Heritage in San Diego

Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego

With Super Bowl 50 just around the corner, both date and location, we’re discovering the Super Bowl heritage in California. Over the next week, we will road trip from San Diego to San Francisco exploring the history of the Super Bowl in California. We started at Qualcomm Stadium followed by the San Diego Hall of Champions and we already feel the Super Bowl fever.  Continue reading

Your Chance to Win a Free Jetpack America Flight in Newport Beach, California

Do you dream of flying a jetpack? Is it on your bucketlist? We want to help you make it a realty. Today is the last day to enter!

Jetpack America Flight, Newport Beach, California

Flying a jetpack is the ultimate adventure. After my jetpack flight with Jetpack America in Newport Beach, California, I was left with feelings of euphoria. I felt like I could conquer anything and I was ready to explore a world of possibilities without restrictions.

In cooperation with Jetpack America, we’re giving away a free jetpack adventure in Newport Beach, California!

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Becoming Iron Woman with St. Thomas Flyboarding

Flyboarding St. Thomas, USVI

I seek adventures that scare me. Living life on the other side of my fears is the greatest reward possible. While in St. Thomas, USVI, I had the opportunity to try flyboarding over the pristine waters of Lindbergh Bay with St. Thomas Flyboarding. I was scared; heck, I was petrified. Flying 30 feet above the crystal blue waters, diving like a dolphin, or even trying a backflip or two all sound intimidating enough but strapping a water jetpack board to my feet while doing it is just plan insane. I’m not Ironman; these are things in movies and dreams about the future, right? Nope! It’s the here and now and I did it; and let me tell you – it is absolutely exhilarating, insane, and beyond awesome! My whole life I’ve actually been training to be Iron Woman without realizing it and St. Thomas Flyboarding let me put my skills into action. Continue reading

Innsbruck, Austria – One of the Most Naturally Beautiful Places I’ve Been

Hafelekar, Innsbruck, Austria

Readers always ask me where is my favorite travel destination, but the answer depends on what your looking for in a destination. I want different things at different times, but if you like winter sports and natural, alpine beauty, it would be difficult to top Innsbruck, Austria. Three times host to the Winter Olympics, Innsbruck has nine ski areas for alpine skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing. Their winter sports menu also includes tobogganing, ice skating, alpine-style curling and even a ride in an Olympic bobsleigh. Today, I toured many of the ski areas as well as the city center and was left wide-eyed, mouth agape at every stop. Here are a few photos from my day.  Continue reading

The Sporting Life – Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

Casa de Campo's Shooting Club

Families can come together to experience endless activities and sporting adventures at Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. From horseback riding along the Chavon River, polo lessons at the Equestrian and Polo Club, catamaran sailing at the Marina, and shooting at the Safari Club, Casa de Campo activities read like a life’s bucket list rather than resort options. Additionally, families can enjoy more traditional resort sports together such as golf on five Pete Dye courses featuring Teeth of the Dog, the No. 1 course in the Caribbean. Sounds like too much to cover in one vacation? I think not! I did it all in four days. Casa de Campo is a 7,000 acre tropical, sporting paradise.  Continue reading

I Officially Want to Buy a Gun

Casa de Campo's Shooting Club

A sport of action, movement, impeccable timing and control, and mental and physical demand, sport shooting sounds like the ideal bucket list item for me yet it never made the list until this year. When I heard about the 200 stations featuring trap, skeet, and sporting clays along with pigeon ring and a new bird preserve, the Case de Campo Shooting Center was the perfect match for Bucket List Publications. Even for a novice shooter like me, they have endless options.
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Add it to the List – I “Love” Beach Tennis

While in Aruba, I discovered a new sport that combines everything I love about sports. Aruba Beach TennisTake the fun and fast-paced sport of tennis, add a volleyball court, and a sunny beach setting, and you have the new, exciting sport called beach tennis. It’s like tennis except its played on a regulation beach volleyball court. Two to four players on each team volley back and forth without letting the ball bounce. One hit per team is all that is allowed and points are scored when the ball is hit outside the lines or touches the ground. Beach tennis is played with specially designed paddles and de-pressurized tennis balls that make it easier to keep a rally going. After twenty minutes of instruction, I was ready to test my skills in a match and after two hours, I wanted to add “play beach tennis regularly” to my bucket list. I think I found my new favorite sport. Continue reading

The Hit of the Beach – Ladder Golf

The night before we left California, we wanted to spend one last evening on Laguna Beach and what better way to enjoy the evening than playing beach games. We chose Ladder Golf since it’s our favorite beach game and it was a huge hit. Everyone that walked by either stopped to watch us play or ask us where we bought the game.  Continue reading

Never “Board” in California

In a land of limitless possibilities, it almost makes it difficult to plan events. When I found out that Darren’s brother was coming to stay with us for 10 days, I wanted to organize the best activities that southern California has to offer, but where to start? What things did Darren and I like the most? What new events would we like to try? What would quench Kev’s thirst for sun, sand, and outdoors? Choices, choices, choices. The line up included a glider lesson with Soaring Academy, kiteboarding with SoCal Kiteboarding, surfing with Banzai Surf School, and a trip to Sea World. Each activity offered something new and exciting, but kiteboarding was the one activity that Kev wanted to try the most. Living in the mountains of Banff National Park, Canada, he was hoping to take the skills that he learned from kiteboarding on water and apply them to the snowy slopes of  British Columbia and Alberta; his lesson with SoCal Kites certainly didn’t disappoint!
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Slingshot B3 Series Trainer Kite

After Darren’s kiteboarding lesson with SoCal Kitesurfing, he was hooked! He wanted to practice on a trainer kite before transitioning to an actual kite of his own so we picked up the Slingshot B3 Series Trainer Kite and he and his brother gave it a go on the weekend. Lightweight, compact, and packing a powerful punch in the wind, the B3 is hands down one of the best light traction kites on the market. The B3 is Slingshot‘s original 2-line foil light traction trainer kite that features a lightweight aluminum control bar, a compact storage bag, and just the right amount of pull to get you going. Continue reading