The Best Ocean Adventures on Oahu

Oahu Snorkeling

Oahu is filled with endless beauty around every turn and beneath every grain of sand. The perfect temperatures and friendly locals add to the attraction of this picturesque land. During my 11 day Oahu vacation, I explored the depths of the ocean floor with Reef Pirates, surfed the rolling waves that draw surfers from all over the world with Ty Gurney Surf School, and swam with the mysterious sharks that fill the deep waters with North Shore Shark Adventures. It’s this blend between serenity and aquatic adventure that truly captures my heart. Continue reading

Life is an Adventure: Surf Lessons in Fiji

This is my first trip with other travel bloggers and although I didn’t know anyone before we Fiji-Surf
departed LAX, I’m quickly learning that I’m with an amazing bunch of people who share my lust for life, travel, and adventure. Today, we went surfing with Surf Fiji Co. and the expression on our faces speaks a thousand words. Continue reading

What Extreme Adventures are on Your Bucket List?

Hosting the Adventure Photo Contest reminded me of the extreme adventures that I’ve done in the last few years and how much fun I had while doing each one. So today’s post is simply a photo collage of my recent extreme adventures. I’m sure there are some that I’ve forgotten but here goes…

Bungee America Continue reading

Surf’s Up, Man Down in Huntington Beach, California

Featured writer: Darren Carter 

Exerting all of your energy while trying to paddle out, falling off of the board, and enduring the constant crash of waves on top of you may not sound like a great day, but the exhilarating feeling of catching your first wave and learning a new sport is California’s most awesome adventure. It wouldn’t be a proper visit to California without surfing. When I heard that my brother, Kevin, was going to visit, I knew the number one thing on his California Bucket List would be a surf lesson. Banzai Surf School is a family run business and one of the few NSSIA accredited surf schools in Huntington Beach. Open year-round, they provide experienced instructors, surfboards, wetsuits, and all the sand you can eat. Our lesson wasn’t without its falls and frustrations but our determination and drive got us up on the board again and again.  Continue reading

Life’s too Short to Say, “Maybe Next Year”! Crossing Kiteboarding Off the Bucket List

Darren and I don’t like to wait for adventure! We’ve tried to accomplish every dream imaginable and we’re doing a great job with it. About two years ago, he told me he wanted to try kiteboarding. He watched countless videos on the techniques and skills involved and he wanted to get out on the water. Life has a funny way of happening, though, and we forgot about his dream to master the kite on the water. We planned on trying it together two years ago when we were in Florida but the timing was off and we never made it. We tried again when we were in Jamaica for our wedding but the winds wouldn’t cooperate and, alas, it never happened. Darren was starting to take it as a sign that kiteboarding wasn’t in his future and he left it slip to the back of his mind.You’d think since we live in southern California we would have tried it by now, but no such luck. Finally, two weeks ago, I looked up kiteboarding companies in the area and I was determined to schedule a full course-to-ride lesson for him. On Saturday, he finally crossed kiteboarding lessons off of his bucket list… only to add purchasing kiteboarding equipment to his new list since he loved it so much. With similarities to sailing and tinkering skills required for perfection, Darren found a new hobby to add to his extensive list. Continue reading

Huntington Beach – Surf City USA

It may be a little bit of a drive from my home in Laguna Hills, but the 8.5 miles of pristine shoreline make “Surf City” a perfect way to spend a Saturday or any day for that matter.

Laguna Beach may be famous for its art walks and festivals and Newport Beach may have spectacular homes, but with it’s sparkling waters, unlimited surf, and friendly people, Huntington Beach is a great, local place to relax, enjoy the sun, and bask in the unbelievable surroundings. Continue reading