A Day of Testing Out Athena’s Gifts

PlayWheels Quad Skates
Since we were traveling during the holidays, we opted for the multiple Christmases. Santa’s elves delivered some of Athena’s gifts early so we could open them at home and the Big Guy delivered the rest on Christmas Day in Wisconsin. It was a great plan that worked wonderfully for us, but the only downside was that Athena didn’t have much time to test out her favorite Christmas gifts before leaving the state. The minute we returned, we took the time to use her PlayWheels Quad Skates and her PlayWheels Skateboard. They were the first item on her list so we wanted to make the most of it.  Continue reading

Swoop Bags: The Easy Way To Pick Up Toys!

The importance of children picking up after themselves is evident and I hope to instill that attitude in my daughter at a young age. I found an easy and fun way to encourage her to pitch in and help pick up her toys before moving onto the next adventure. Swoop Bags are the ultimate toy bag and playmat in one. They are ideal for tiny toys like blocks, marbles, dolls, stuffed animals, and so much more. It is simple, durable, and innovative, providing the ever-desired versatility that parents needs. Continue reading